Ear Infection

When Chunguita was 3 days old, she got an ear infection. She stopped
making noise, stopped nursing, stopped moving. I had to wake her up to
try to get her to nurse. After she had been on antibiotics for a day,
she started crying again. It was the most beautiful sound.


Birth Details

Chunguita’s delivery was very difficult because she had the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her shoulder and loosely around her neck. This kept her from turning, and she got stuck while I was pushing. They had to use the suction cup to get her out.

Robert was crying and shaking when it was all over. He was holding my leg. He said it was just awful to see them put the vacuum extraction equipment in me, have to take it out because it got all full of stuff, and put another one it. He watched them cut me (episiotomy), and finally he saw Chunguita come out with the cord wrapped around her neck.

It would be hard to watch all that.