I just talked to my pediatrician about this. I work 4 days a week, 8
hours/day. I pump (ugh), and until the winter holiday break, I’ve been
able to keep up with the daycare supply.

Today, we sent the last of the breastmilk to daycare, and it was only 8
ounces, 4-8 ounces short of what Chunguita drinks. I came home and pumped
at 10:30 (2 ounces) and at 1 (2 ounces). I’m off from work. At 1:30 I
took the milk and 8 ounces of formula (Chunguita’s first) to daycare. The
doctor hadn’t called back.

Well, she just called back and said that it would be fine to start
Chunguita on whole milk. It figures that she would call after I get back
from dropping of milk & formula. So on Monday, Chunguita will get
whatever breastmilk we have and whole cows milk.

Chunguita’s bday is 1/21.

I plan on continuing to pump because the breastmilk is good for Chunguita
and because I want to lose weight. Breastfeeding/pumping is at least
the same amount of energy as an hour of aerobic exercise. I don’t know
how strong my commitment will be once Chunguita is regularly taking the
cows milk.