There are so many Jennifers around. I sign my name “Jennifer in California” because I have NEVER been on a mailing list with no other Jennifers. I’d like to point out that I have had e-mail since 1985, and I’m on mechanical engineering mailing lists, so it isn’t just the chick e-mail lists.

I joined the Society for the Prevention of Naming Girls Jennifer. I wanted to name Chunguita by her greatgrandmother’s name, Pearl, but my husband vetoed that. I think Chunguita’s actual name is in the top 20 names. I was disappointed. I was hoping to be over 20. Not too common, but not too unusual or weird. DH said Pearl was too weird. Oh, well.


Chunguita has 4 words, maybe. She says “beh” for bird (Birds are her favorite things). I’m pretty sure she can say “HI!”. She learned that at daycare. The older kids (uh, 2 months older than Chunguita) love to say “HI!” to the other moms when we come to pick up our kids. And there is “Mama” and “Da-DEE”.

The only one that is really consistant is “beh”. “Mama” and “Da-DEE” may be more wishful thinking than anything else on my part. And Chunguita will only do “HI!” to me and dh, unless she does it at daycare when I’m not there.

I think _The_Baby_Book_ (by Sears) said that a 1 year old MIGHT have a few words that ONLY the parents understand.

Oh, and I forgot the panting sound which means “I want to nurse NOW!!!!” Does that count as a word?


Chunguita is a pretty reliable walker, now.

Her progress was funny. I expected it to be smooth and continuous,
each phase taking about the same time. I don’t know why I expected
this, but I did.

Well, she started by walking behind a push-toy. She did that great for
about a week. Then she stood unsupported. That went on for a week
(perhaps this is where I got the impression of regular, smooth
development). Then she started taking a step, which quickly grew to
five steps. That went on for about 3 weeks. Now, she is able to walk
from one end of the house to the other.

It’s all very exciting, but my carefree days are over.

Ear Pulling

Chunguita is always pulling on her ears, and when she had an ear
infection, she would consistantly pull on the uninfected ear. Maybe it
hurt for her to pull on the infected one?

We went to the doctor once because she was doing this. She’d just had
an ear infection, and I was afraid that the amoxicillin hadn’t worked.
She didn’t have an ear infection.