Chunguita eats pretty much the same things we do except for choking hazard foods.

We do feed her things like mashed potatoes and yogurt. I don’t mind the mess from most things, but with the yogurt, I spoon out some yogurt, and put it on Chunguita’s spoon. This way, Chunguita can feed herself, but it isn’t as messy. When she feeds herself from the yogurt container, she doesn’t eat because it’s so much more fun to fingerpaint with the yogurt (and I can’t seem to stand yogurt all over the floor, her highchair, her, …).

Chunguita wasn’t too hot on the spinach casserole last night.

1 lb hamburger
3 boxes frozen spinach
16 oz sour cream
1 pkg onion soup mix

Usually kids like it. And in general, Chunguita really likes green food.


Chunguita and I have discussed the merits of having her poops at daycare. Chunguita isn’t convinced that daycare is the best place for pooping, but I’m sure she’ll come around. 🙂

Only kidding; I wake Chunguita, nurse her, and dress her. Depending on how much time we have before daycare, I might feed her or dcp feeds her when she gets to daycare. Chunguita is not a big breakfast person. Sometimes if Chunguita has been up many times during the night (my job) or wakes us, dh will get her up, feed her, and dress her, so that I can sleep.

I put spare clothes, if new ones are needed, in the diaper bag the night before, and maybe diapers, but sometimes dh does this. Chunguita hasn’t needed spare clothes in a while. I should probably check the ones at daycare to be sure they still fit. When I checked in December, she still has a sz 3 months pair of shorts in there.

Dh gets lunch and milks ready for Chunguita, every morning, and he takes her to daycare. Sometimes, he will leave before we get up, so then I do it, but he will still get her lunch ready and leave the filled diaperbag in the fridge. But let me tell you, there is hell to pay if he leaves without Chunguita when she is up. She really wants to go to daycare.

Daycare provides wipes and snacks for the kids. When Chunguita was little, we provided rayon disposable “rags” that had to be wet in water for Chunguita’s tender, newborn skin.

When we drop Chunguita off, she doesn’t look back. Sometimes when I drop her off, she will head off to play and doesn’t want me to kiss her goodbye because she’s so busy. If she didn’t act so glad to see me at the end of the day, I’d get a complex. I’m glad she likes daycare so much, and I’m glad she misses me and wants me at the end of the day.

Sometimes I think that she gets better attention at daycare than she would at home if dh or I were home with her all day, every day. And as new parents, dh & I have used the people at daycare as resources a lot. I’m not sure who I would have asked some of those simple care questions if I didn’t have Sheryl, Cindy, Wendy, Teresa, Sue, and Jennifer to ask. I don’t always like the answers, like they give the kids lucky charms for breakfast and pop tarts for snack sometimes. And I have asked other people, like my parents, but I don’t always like their answers either, and it’s been 35 years since my parents dealt with a baby full time.

I know we have really good and really expensive daycare and that not everyone else does.

Tired Mama

Chunguita has a cold, so she isn’t sleeping well.

Last night while we were drying her off from her bath, dh notices the
triaminic cold and nighttime cough or something like that on the shelf.
“Why don’t we give her some of that?” he asks.

I swear I read on the label that children under 6 get 2 tsps. Well,
they don’t. Chunguita should get 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp. And this time,
instead of fighting me, Chunguita took most of the medicine.

So then I spend the next half hour on the phone to Kaiser. The nurse
was great. Of all the times that I have dealt with Kaiser on the
phone, I have only had 2 nurses that I thought were jerks. She
validated my concern but wasn’t judgemental at all, which I really
needed. Fortunately, 2 tsps of that triaminic syrup isn’t that much,
and she told me to watch for excessive drowsiness, and then we talked
about how to check Chunguita in her sleep to make sure she was sleeping
and not unconscious since it was bedtime and Chunguita should be sleepy.

Well, Chunguita did not sleep particularly well, and I didn’t have to
worry about waking up every 2 hours to check her because Chunguita did
anyway. Poor baby, I had to use a warm wash cloth this morning to get
all the dried up mucus off and out of her nose.

So I leave you with these thoughts:

Alls well, that ends well (but next time I will read the label 3 times)

You can pick your nose,
and you can pick your baby’s nose,
but you can’t pick your baby.