Peter Pan

I watched Peter Pan recently, and I have to admit that I don’t recall his being such a womanizer the first time I saw it. I hate the way Disney always calls young men men, but young women are girls. My mother was apalled at the ravens in Dumbo. She wouldn’t let me and my younger brother see it because she found it so offensive. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much T&A as I did in Aladdin. Those movies do not provide positive role models for girls, IMH(& militantly feminist)O. Or for boys, for that matter. I think we need more nurturing men and fewer macho heros.


During the day, during the week, Chunguita is at daycare, so she gets cows milk in a sippy cup. There is hell to pay if we don’t nurse first thing when we get home or first thing when we get up. At night, I tell her it is her bed time and ask if she want to nurse or got straight to bed. Usually, she wants to nurse, but sometimes, she wants to go straight to bed.

She is still waking up 2-3 times a night to nurse.

On the weekends, she tries to nurse 4 or so times during the day. I don’t know if she gets anything. I stopped pumping at work, so I assumed my supply is pretty low during the day.

Chunguita will walk over to our chair and pat it when she wants to nurse.

Nursing vs Sippy Cup

When I am with Chunguita, she only wants to nurse. So on the weekends,
she doesn’t drink much water or cows milk. She will drink from her
sippy cup when she is in her highchair.

However, when she is at daycare, she will drink 10 ounces of cows milk
and some water.

She was drinking apple juice, but our dentist strongly recommended that
we not give her that. Dentist said that “sucking juice out of those
sippy cups all day long is a leading cause of tooth decay.” Since
Chunguita likes water in her sippy cup, we decided to drop the juice.