Travel & Helping Out

Ugh! I have to travel to NM tomorrow for business. This is the first time that I will have been away from Chunguita for so long. Robert’s going to have to deal with her in the early morning, one of her favorite times to nurse and snooze. I leave at 4:30 am to catch a 6:30 am flight. At least, I will be back home at 9 pm.

Chunguita likes to help out. When I am picking up leaves, she will pick up leaves and put them in the compost bucket. When I pull sidewalk grass, she pulls sidewalk grass. When I throw snails into the street, she throws snails into the street (well, sorta). When I pick up dog poop, she picks up dog poop. 🙂

It was rather disgusting. But she picked a hard poop and was carrying it towards the poop bucket before I saw what she was doing. (sigh)

All Better

Chunguita is doing great. Whatever it was, it is now gone. Her father is concerned because she lost a pound while she was sick and is now 18.5 pounds. He wonders if we should turn her back in her carseat. She is still backwards in my car.

She had a rough night Sunday/Monday, but a fantastic day at daycare on Monday. She (finally) slept well last night, and she was in good spirits this morning. She’s even back on routine with her early morning poop just before we leave for daycare. If only she could wait 15 more minutes, I wouldn’t have to change that diaper.

The had “slapped baby” (fifth disease) going thru daycare, but that isn’t what Chunguita had. Her fever was too high, and her rash was itchy.


I buy all of Chunguita’s clothes used. At the consignment stores and the good will type stores, they have all the sizes for all seasons, but I do notice that they have seasonal shortages. The blanket sleepers are a good example. I had a terrible time finding size 18 months sleeper for Chunguita from January on. They probably will have plenty in June. Twice annually, the local twins club has a big sale, too. Most of Chunguita’s clothing comes from that.

I bought a pattern to make blanket sleepers for Chunguita (for next winter) because they were so hard to find.

Yosemite Trip

It’s been … um … interesting.

Last Wednesday, DH & I decide that if Chunguita’s fever is down (=< 99F) on Thursday morning and stays down, we'll go.

Thursday morning, Chunguita is still running a fever, so we call Kaiser and have a choice of appointments: in Pleasanton (20 minutes from our house) at 3:50 or in Walnut Creek (50 minutes from our house) at 11:30. We decide to take the 11:30 appointment. On the way, we stop at Pleasanton Kaiser so I can get my allergy shots.

11:50 am, Thursday. The doctor finally comes in. I wish Kaiser administrators would get their heads out of their asses and allow for longer appointments. The doctors that take time to talk to you and answer all your questions are always late. Doctor doesn't know what's wrong with Chunguita, probably a virus, but it might be a bladder infection. So we have to get a urine sample. They have these little baggies that they tape on to the poor babies and then they tear a hole in the diaper (so you can check your baggie) and diaper the baby. Doctor gives a perscription for an antibiotic and tells us to call in to check Chunguita's test results before starting on the antibiotic. Doctor thinks we should go to Yosemite because if it's a virus, there is very little they can do and since she is nursing, she isn't getting dehydrated. If it's a bladder infection, we'll have the antibiotics.

12:30 pm, Thursday. We have lunch in the hospital cafeteria. Frankly, I'm disappointed. My family raved about this place when I was having Chunguita. Since we were at the hospital for friggin' forever, they had several opportunities to dine there. I got a Chinese chicken salad. It had lots of lettuce, a good amount of chicken, crispy things, and almonds, but for $5, it could have had a slice of tomato, too. No urine.

2 pm, Thursday. DH and I decide to go back to the cafeteria for a snack. We almost come to blows over whether or not we should take Chunguita to the lab or back to pediatrics to have the baggie removed. Like it mattered. Chunguita falls asleep on DH. They go lie in the sun.

3 pm, Thursday. I'm bored to death and mad at DH. He's mad at me, too. Too much stress. I go up to the truck to get a blanket (did I mention that Chunguita threw up on her blanket and DH's shirt?) and DH's jacket. I make him a little pillow and cover them with the blanket and his jacket. Then I walk across the street to the quilt shop, but since I feel guilty about being in a quilt shop while DH is holding Chunguita, I don't enjoy the shop.

4 pm, Thursday. I go back to pediatrics to ask them what we should do. The nurse asks, "Why are you still here?" Chunguita still hasn't urinated. I'm concerned that there will be a shift change, and the next set of nurses won't know what is going on. We decide to call the doctor who is on duty in the nursery. He is as reluctant as we are to use a cathetar, so we bring Chunguita back up to pediatrics, and sit down in a room with the water running. I decide to nurse Chunguita. Does she pee? No way.

The nurses and DH leave to room. Chunguita is very upset, so I sit there and hold her, listening to the water. FINALLY! Chunguita urinates so much that she fills up the baggie, and it overflows on me. Poor little girl, she is screaming the whole time. This behavior leads DH, me, and nurse to beleive that she does have a bladder infection.

4:45 pm, Thursday. We head back to Livermore to pack up and go to Yosemite. Lucky us, we get to drive home during commute traffic.

6 pm. I call Kaiser for her test results. They are negative (so far) for bladder infection. They are going to culture something. I pack for me and Chunguita. DH gets the food and other travel stuff ready and packs for himself.

7 pm. On the road again for a long drive in the dark. I call our vacation/condo club office and tell them we'll be arriving after the office closes (10pm). No problem; they will leave out our key and info. There is nothing on hwy 140.

10:15 pm. We made good time, and the office is just closing. The nice woman helps us even tho her shift is over.

10:30 pm. We line the bed with towels and set up the safety bar so Chunguita can sleep with me. Everyone goes to sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night. Chunguita wakes up very hot and throws up on me. DH starts a load of landrey, and we go back to sleep.

Saturday. Chunguita and I wake up. No fever, but she still isn't feeling well. We decide to drive into Yosemite. It's further to Yosemite from Oakhurst than we figured. But since Chunguita is napping, we keep driving. It was cold in Yosemite, but other than that, we had a nice time. It snows on the way back to the condo. We want to stop to show Chunguita the snow, but at the flat place on the way home, we are greeted by 2 coyotes who are begging for food. I take their picture, but we decide we shouldn't get out of the truck with them so close. We drive back to the condo and make chx nuggets for dinner. We rented "Return To Me" with that actor from "The X Files". I really enjoyed it and recommend it, but it has profanity in it.

After the movie, we get Chunguita ready for her bath. Usually, I get her undressed, and she walks to the bathtub with no incidents. Not tonight, oh no, she urinates on the carpet (and is very upset about it) on the way to the tub. Also, she's covered in what looks like little bites that are turning into fluid filled blisters. Great, I think, she's got chicken pox, and we are exposing the whole world to her. However, when we get her out of the tub, the little blisters have changed into a red rash that is itchy. I put a little hydrocortisone on the most itchy parts, and we all go to bed. She wakes up in the middle of the night and throws up on me.

We woke up to a beautiful, white winter wonderland. I love it when there is just enough snow to frost the trees and make a snow ball, but you can still drive easily in your 4-wheeler. Chunguita is afraid of the snow.

We decide to head back home. It wasn't a great trip, but Chunguita saw snow, and DH & I had a lot of time to talk which we don't usually get at home.

Yosemite on Hold

Last night was just awful. Chunguita woke up with a 105F temperature at 2 am. By 4:30, her temperature was down to 103F (after tylenol, water, and nursing) and she and I were able to go back to sleep until 9:30 (woo hoo!) this morning. DH is unable to go back to sleep after 4 am.

So at 9:30 when we got up, he was moaning and groaning in the family room that he might have her virus, but he didn’t have a fever. I suspect sleep deprivation because we’ve been up the last 2 nights. Well, Chunguita’s temperature is still 103F (drops to 101 with tylenol). I just don’t know about going to Yosemite. She’s in good spirits and playing today, so she is feeling better. DH and I agreed that her temperature must be below 100F all morning tomorrow, or we won’t go. And DH needs to be feeling better.

I wanna go!

Going to Yosemite, Maybe

For Robert’s birthday, I’m taking him (& Chunguita) to Yosemite. We own a vacation club that has condos 15 minutes from the park (and in other neat places). We’re supposed to leave on Thursday afternoon.< (sigh) Chunguita has a fever of 102F. She doesn't feel good, too. She has played for about 30 minutes all morning, and the rest of the time she has either nursed, napped, or cried. Poor little girl.


We decided to videotape Chunguita this weekend. Chunguita can go up and down all by herself on her little slide (the orange and blue little tykes slide). I was taping that. She can also go down her big slide by herself. The big slide is the big slide on the little tykes 8-in-1 climber. DH really, really wanted Chunguita to go down the big slide for the camera, but Chunguita was more interested in pushing the wood chips thru holes in the climber. Robert prodded Chunguita when she was off balance, and she fell and hit her cheek on the climber wall. She was not a happy girl. And I got it all on tape. I told Robert that I would play that for him whenever he was pushing hard for her to do something she didn’t want to do.