Orcas Islands & Asthma

We had a marvelous visit with my brother near Seattle, WA. Chunguita was comfortable with him and SIL by Sunday morning. Chunguita is a great traveler. She only cried once during the flights, and that was because she wanted to be held when the seatbelt sign was on. We didn’t do anything except hang out at their house. It was fun to catch up.

Unfortunately, just as Chunguita became very comfortable, it was time to leave for my conference. We drove & ferried to Orcas Island. If you ever get the chance to go to the San Juan Islands be sure to stop on Orcas and go to the top of Mount Constitution. You get a 360 degree view of the sound. It is spectacular. DH & Chunguita explored the island while I sat in a conference. I only played hooky one afternoon with them.

I caught a cold in WA and was pretty miserable on the way home. But that was nothing compared to the bronchitis that started last Thursday and almost developed into pneumonia by Monday. Having asthma makes colds very problematic during the allergy season. DH had the cold, too, but he felt fine after a day of feeling slightly ill.

I haven’t been treating my asthma because I haven’t had an acute attack since Chunguita was born, but the docs now say that I’m going to have to go on an asthma prevention plan so that I don’t get sick like this again. (sigh) It sucks. I have to take so many drugs to control the allergies and the asthma. I don’t know what I’ll do should I become pregnant. (sigh)

Animal Noises

DH plays this game with Chunguita where he makes animal noises. He started with the seal, and he makes a pretty good seal noise. Well, now one of Chunguita’s words is the noise that a seal makes.

The second animal was elephant, and I had no idea how well this game was working for teaching her. We have a picture of an elephant over her changing table, and she stood up, pointed at the elephant, and make the elephant sound. I was very impressed that she could tell that the elephant in the picture was the same thing as the toy elephant. They don’t look very much alike, and one of the books that I’m reading says that that is an important conceptual development.

He’s working on sheep, now. Baaa.

Going to Sleep

Sometimes I put Chunguita into the crib and sit next to the crib and patting, rubbing her back until she goes to sleep? That works when she is lying down, but when she is standing up, screaming, and banging the crib against the wall (or moving it over to the wall so she can bang it), it doesn’t seem to work. I found that she only gets more agitated if I don’t pick her back up. And that means that I get more agitated and risk getting a migraine.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to worry about Chunguita not being able to go to sleep by herself. I just can’t imagine that she will be, oh, say 24 years old and still nursing herself to sleep. Now, she may still have problem putting herself to sleep, and frankly, I’d be surprised if she didn’t because it is only in the last few years that I haven’t had trouble, and my mother had trouble going to sleep for most of her 75 years. I also expect that Chunguita will be good at math, have beautiful hair, and need glasses, just her abuela and mama. I hope she doesn’t get all hunched up in the shoulders like we are.

My mother just admitted to me that she put benadryl in my milk to get me to sleep when I was little. Maybe that would work? ;^>

The Pets

Chunguita knows both of our cats’ names. She called Annette, Nannette last night, and she’s been calling Frankie, Ankie for a while.

She likes them. Annette despises Chunguita, but since she despises DH, Frankie, and Henrey (dog), I’m not surprised. Fortunately, Annette doesn’t have any claws. Frankie isn’t sure about Chunguita. I think they will be great friends someday when Frankie gets over her fear of Chunguita. Frankie will, sometimes, let Chunguita pet her.

Henrey adores Chunguita, and it is pretty much mutual. Henrey can always get Chunguita to laugh.

Not Sleeping

Chunguita has been sleeping very poorly the last few nights. She usually sleeps 4-6 hours at a shot, waking 1-3 times/night. These last few days, she’s been sleeping 1 hour initially, then 2-3 hours, and then waking every 1-2 hours. She’s in bed with me for most of the night, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’m hoping that she’s teething, and this will pass (soon).

Bath Time

Chunguita loves her bath. My favorite image of her was her trying to climb into the tub, naked, when she was about a year old. It was so cute. We keep the door to the bathrooms closed, so that she can’t do that when we are not right there. She has a bath every night at 7:30 (if we are on schedule). It is a marvelous calming tool, and Chunguita knows that it signals the start of her bedtime routine.