I don’t believe in hitting a child or a dog, but …

I have hit my dog, and it was during a disciplining moment. However, it wasn’t to punish him. It certainly wasn’t hard enough to hurt him. He’s 175 pounds, and I whack him across the nose with 1 or 2 fingers. It was to get his attention, mostly, and to let him know that I was serious about whatever.

I came very close to hitting Chunguita the other day. It was a safety thing. We have a large display case with a glass front. She was banging on it. I told her to stop. I removed her from the case; she went back and did it again. I didn’t know what else to do, and I had to do something to stop that behavior. I decided to smack her little hands like I do Henrey’s nose. It is unpleasant when I do it to my own fingers. It didn’t work as discipline, but it did distract her. She thought it was a terrific game. I must not have done it hard enough. 🙂 So I guess I did hit her, sorta. I don’t know what I would have done if she had continued to bang on the glass.


Robert & I have been worried because Chunguita is 17 months and only has 6 teeth: 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. Further, I was sure that she was teething but no teeth showed up next to the bottom 2.

Well, the other day, Chunguita and I were at the grocery store; she was in the cart seat. I made her laugh, and I noticed a molar! Chunguita has at least 10 teeth scattered in her mouth. She doesn’t like it when we check her teeth. But she has the 6 in front, 3 molars on the right (2 on the bottom and one on top), and at least one on the left. She got tired of my checking her teeth so I’m not sure about the left side.

Dogs and Kids

I hate it when people let their kids approach any dog and touch (or hug) that dog without asking permission. I acknowledge that, as the dog owner, it is my responsibility to keep the situation safe, but geez, you would think that those parents would have a clue. RANT, RANT, RANT

Never, never, approach a dog without the owners permission.

And don’t get me started about people who let their dogs run off lead and don’t have control over them.

Our Mastiff

Henrey was so cute last night. Chunguita had been playing in the backyard and (her father) left her toys blocking Henrey’s access to the Poop Area. Henrey knows he’s not supposed to enter the garden, but we leave the gate open for Chunguita. Henrey observes the boundary (usually) even with the gate open. Well, the only way around the toys was thru the garden gate, over Chunguita’s play area, along the miniature roses, by the paperbark maple, and blocked at the veggie garden. The 18″ bench was stopping him. He got that far, stopped, and cried. I went out with him, helped him back to Chunguita’s play area, which is elevated so he could easily jump over the 18″ bench. Did he disturb so much as a blade of grass in the garden? No. He was extremely careful. He was so funny when he stopped and cried. It’s not like he couldn’t jump over the 18″ bench; he just not supposed to. He’s a great dog, and he deserves a better owner than me.

He has never pooped or peed anywhere in the yard, other than the Poop Area.