DH & I struggled to conceive Chunguita and tried for 6 months for number 2 with no success. And DH & I have discussed adoption. I would really, really like Chunguita to have a brother or sister because as an adult, my brothers and sister mean so much to me. I can’t imagine what it is like to not have that. (There is nothing wrong with being an only child; it’s just different from having siblings.)


I have been so unproductive at work mostly because I’m so sleep deprived but also because I just don’t seem to care. I got a terrible
review last year even tho I was working hard at my job and my customers were happy. I just haven’t been productive since then. My manager thought that I would get a better review this year, but since I think I’ve done squat, I’m not sure that getting a better review would improve my attitude.

I like this one guy that I’m working with. He’s fun. And he really relies on me, so I try to keep him happy. Right now, I haven’t done
what he asked last week, and so I’m feeling a little stressed about having to get it done NOW.

That would be okay, if I weren’t coming down with a cold.

And even then it would be okay if my oldest brother, his wife, his daughter, and my younger brother weren’t descending on me on Friday for
my mother’s surprise 75th birthday party on Saturday.

Fortunately, the cleaners come tomorrow because the house is filthy. I’d like them to come more often, but we can’t afford it. I’d give up
chocolate before I gave up the cleaners.

I still have to go to Target to get guest towels and a diaper pail. I have to order the champagne (308 bucks for 2 cases). Fortunately, the
cake decorater was at the grocery store, so I could order the cake last Sunday.

I have to send out directions to 2 people so that they can get to my mother’s church (aka birthday party). I can’t remember the street from the freeway to Thornhill.

But you know what is really driving me nuts? Henrey. He is so neglected. I’m ashamed that my SIL is going to see him in such a sad
state. He hasn’t been brushed in months. He has an antibiotic resistant ear infection because we didn’t keep his ear cleaned out.
His nails haven’t been cut since I got pregnant. His teeth are probably a mess, too, but I haven’t looked.

I felt so guilty that I took him for a walk, just me and him, last night for a whole 30 minutes. That poor neglected dog!

Oh, and the worst part is that he is such a good boy. Does he chew anything up? No. In fact, Chunguita’s toys are scattered all over the
backyard, and Henrey only chews on his chew toys. Does he bark at all hours? No, or my neighbors are lying to me if he does. Does he try to break out of the back yard? No, and if the gate is open, he goes to sit on the front porch until my neighbor notices him and puts him back in the yard.

Sigh, and here I am writing this instead of looking up the directions to the church.

All I can say is that I’m not going to procrastinate until tomorrow.

Face Skid

Poor Chunguita. She was running and having such a good time when she tripped and went flat, banging up her knees, hands, and nose. Her poor little nose! It got all scabbed up and a little swollen but wasn’t broken. After the initial crying, her nose didn’t seem to bother her,
for which I am very thankful.

I was only 2 feet away, but I couldn’t get to her in time to catch her.

I’m sure we have more of this in the future, but I hope we don’t have much.

Getting Out of Bed

We have a hallway door that blocks the bedrooms from the rest of the house. Since Chunguita can’t open doornobs (yet), I’ve been considering closing that door. The door to the other bedroom and the hall bath are closed, so if she got up, she could only go into her room or our room. By the time she got into our room, I’d be awake.

However, we have cats who sleep with me. (They don’t sleep with DH, unless I’m on the road.) One of them will scratch at the hall door and cry all night if we don’t let them into the bedroom. When Chunguita was a wee baby, sleeping with me, and I didn’t want them waking us up, we closed both the hall door and the bedroom door, and so I slept.

I don’t want to close our door because then I won’t hear Chunguita. It’s a quandry. She hasn’t gotten up out of bed except for that one time, so I’m hoping that was a fluke.

Still Not Pregnant

Well, DH and I decided to postpone baby2. Between wanting to savor Chunguita’s babyhood and baby2’s babyhood, Chunguita’s not sleeping thru the night*, finances, and our general state of disorder, we decided to stop actively trying until next March.

Our plan is to play baby-roulette (unprotected sex) until March, start back up with the temperature/cm/timing stuff then, and if we aren’t pregnant by July 1, we tell Kaiser we’ve been trying for a year.

Since we had to try to 18 months to get Chunguita, have been unsuccessful the last 6 months, and have sex only once or twice a month unless ttc, we are pretty sure we won’t get pregnant. If we do, we’ll both be delighted.

*Sheesh, last night, the 2nd or 3rd time she woke up, Chunguita got out of bed. She’s never done that before. I caught her in the hallway. Ugh! That is a scary thought: her wandering around when DH & I are asleep. I may never sleep again.