Chunguita is very good at pointing to things in books. It’s a game that she’s been playing with her daddy for a while now. She likes to find the mouse in Goodnight Moon Book and CD (Share a Story) and the ant in honey rabbit. She also knows and points to all of her body parts. She loves belly buttons. She likes to show hers off and see everyone else’s.

We often use “Not for Chunguita” when she tries to get into something that she isn’t supposed to or might be dangerous to her (eg her father’s nuts). When I ask her to, she will take something to her father.

One day, I was on the toilet and ran out of toilet paper. I gave Chunguita the last little piece and told her to take it to her father and say “More”. Well, she took it to him, and I heard him say thank you. He didn’t get the message from me, tho.

Instead of learning the animals, we’ve been teaching Chunguita the noises that the animals make. I think many of the animal names are hard to say. She doesn’t know any colors or shapes.

Chunguita knows both yes and no. She calls the TV remote the “no,no,no”.

I don’t know if she asks for a drink from anyone else. When it’s me, she wants me to pick her up and then she smacks my breasts. Sometimes she will say “nu-nu-nu”.

I love “pease”. It really is cute, but I have to prompt her.


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