Last night we had a setback of sorts. Chunguita woke up for the 2nd time around 2 am, and I asked DH to give it a try. Chunguita definitely wanted me.

I’m not sure if the issue is that she wants to nurse or if she is afraid of the way that he will put her to bed. Recently, he tried to put her down for a nap by telling her to go to sleep and leaving the room. When she got up, he went back and told her to stay in bed, and she stayed for the next 20 minutes crying in a manner that was really difficult for me to bear. I went in after 20 minutes, and she went right to sleep.


She has slept thru the night … well, only waking once.


Last night, DH took a turn easing Chunguita back to sleep. And it worked. HHHOORRRAAAYYY!!! He had been afraid that she won’t go back to sleep without nursing, but I think she just wants to be comforted and when I’m there, that equals nursing.

We have the same problems when she is hungry. If I’m there, she wants to nurse, but if I’m not, she eats regular food without ever asking to nurse.


Poor Chunguita, I think she has nightmares. The other night, I heard her saying “No, no, no.” Then she woke up. She didn’t seem frightened by the time I got to her, but the “No”s bother me.

She’ll also suddenly yell out “Mommy!” in that “I NEED YOU NOW” voice.

Some nights, she just wakes up and gets up. I don’t hear anything until she’s padding down the hall.

I’m going to have to tell DH that I can’t go along with his plan to not comfort her in the middle of the night. If she were waking up and playing, I would feel differently.


As you know, Chunguita does not sleep thru the night. Well, up until several months ago, Chunguita would wake up, cry, and call for me. I’d let her cry for a bit, hoping she’d settle down and go back to sleep. She almost never did. Well, one night I made the mistake of asking DH to go comfort her. Instead of lying down with her, he told her to get up and walk into our room when she woke up. So, of course, now she does that.

Well, now he thinks we should keep her in her bed. I could just strangle him.

He really wants me to wean her. He thinks that is why she isn’t sleeping thru the night. And while I agree that she wants to nurse when she wakes up, I don’t think she is waking up to nurse. Like, right now, I think she is waking up because she is getting 2 teeth.


Every night I ask Chunguita how daycare was, and she says DAYCARE! which I take to mean it was fun. Then I ask her who she played with, and she says “daycare”. So I ask her, did you play with Miles. She will respond, “MILES!” or “miles” depending on how she is feeling about that person. She almost always has fun with Miles, Katarina, and Carly. Somedays she puts the emphasis on other kids, and there seem to be about 3 toddlers that she doesn’t ever put the empahsis on. I think because they are closer to 14 months than to 2 years.

Last night, I asked her who she played with and she said MILES! I don’t know if she actually played with Miles or if she has learned to say Miles from the way we asked her, but still it was the first time she answered with a person’s name.


> What kind of kid were you in high school? High achiever? Preppy? Nerd? Cheerleader?

I was a nerd. I appointed myself president of the math club. We called ourselves mathletes, and we would travel to other schools to compete.

I was also first chair clarinet, started on the volleyball (setter) and softball (centerfield) teams, and my grades were pretty good. I didn’t have much of a social life outside of my activities. (I still don’t. :))

> First date ever–with who and how did it go?

I asked David Beecroft to play tennis. Then we drank sodas and talked. It went pretty well. I had the biggest crush on him. (Note: the date revolved around an activity.)

> What is your earliest memory?

Playing in the sand area at preschool. I think.

> Strangest job ever?

I haven’t had any strange jobs.

> First job ever?


> A book/song/poem/movie that changed the course of your life?

I’m not nearly introspective to have one of those. 🙂

When I was very small, I saw someone being burned in an engulfing fire on b/w TV. It terrified me. I’ve been very afraid of fire ever since. I can’t light a match.

> Most important message you want your children to learn?

You have got to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally, before you can take care of anyone else.