Well, DH finally opened up on this. He has a vericocele. He probably told me about it when we first go together or when it got diagnosed, but since it didn’t cause him any pain, I forgot all about it.

I called Kaiser lied to them about how long we’ve been trying (well, it has been a year since we STARTED trying) and told them about his vericocele, and they have my specimen cup all ready. We should have a sperm count by early next week.

And we are officially entered into the infertility clinic. Our class is Feb 25th. That is the start of the testing according to the infertility nurse.

As for me, I’m back to taking my temperature, measuring my cervical mucus, position, and opening. DH wants to get the ovulation predictor kit, but I’m going to tell him to hold off until we get the sperm count results back. The kit is $200.

I’m not sure what I’m hoping for. I don’t want DH to have to have an operation on his testicle. (Men are such babies.) I’m tired of checking mucus, position, and opening, and I don’t want to have to take clomid. So part of me is hoping the pressure is off of me.

Wish us luck that we sucsessfully manage procreation sessions next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I’m off to get my allergy shot and pick up my cup.


Switching nights has made a huge difference for me. I’m finally getting some sleep even if DH is a cranky boy.

DH stacked several exercise pads on the floor next to Chunguita’s toddler bed. He lies on those, holding Chunguita, and puts her back in her bed when she falls asleep.

Last night, Chunguita got up at 1 am and tried to get into bed with me. DH took her back to her room and lay with her on his pads (“Daddy’s bed”). She fell right back asleep, and he eased her into her bed. She was up again in 20 minutes. He took her back to her room, lay with her, but this time, he let her sleep on his pads. And there she stayed until 6 am.

DH was kinda bothered by the fact that she slept on his pads, but I say it was success! She stayed in her room until 6 am.

Sleeping (not)


I’m not sure if this is progress. Last night, Chunguita only woke up once, but it took me 2 hours to get her to go back to sleep.

DH & and I are switching nights, so tonight is his turn. That is a step in the right direction. The first few times DH took care of Chunguita, she was inconsolable. It was very hard for me not to go running in there when she called, “MOMMY!”

Also, there will be no more nursing at night, and naps are limited to 2 hours during the day.

Send us your sleep vibes.


Chunguita won’t let anyone else sit in the nursing chair. She gets very upset when DH sits there and is very demanding of the babysitter to move.

I’m working on limiting the nursing. I am finding it irritating, and it is most irritating when she wants to nurse for 1 suck and then
demands to nurse for 1 suck every 15 minutes. When she does that I tell her, no more nursing until nap/after dinner/bedtime/etc. But it is tough to hold to that sometimes.

I would really like to be tough enough to limit the nursing to first thing in the morning and bedtime. Maybe next month.


Chunguita spent the weekend saying “My Birfday! My Birfday!” DH & I took
yesterday off to spend with her. We don’t get it off. She would also
grab boxes and envelopes and try to open them, saying My Birfday!

She did pretty good, containing her excitement all day. When she went
down for her nap (easily), I wrapped all her presents and put them on
the table in our front room. After nap, she came bounding out, saw the
presents, yelled, “My Birfday!”, and started to open them. She’s such
a good girl; she was able to wait when I told her that we’d open them
after dinner.

DH tested out his cake baking/decorating skills. We made white cake
cupcakes with sugar dots in it (like funfetti but from scratch), and DH
make the most delectable buttercream frosting from scratch. Chunguita
loves to pull up her stepladder and help while we do things at any

After dinner, we opened the presents from me and DH. Chunguita seemed to
like them all. She got more duplos, a puzzle, some books, and a
playhut airplane. She’s wild for airplanes. After that we partook of
cupcake. They were so good.

Because she was so wound up, we took the bedtime routine very slowly.
We let her ask to get out of the bath instead of telling her it was
time to get out. And then we took turns reading to her. She didn’t
calm down until almost 10 pm, and even then, it took me 30 minutes to
get her to sleep. Her usual bedtime is 8:30.

Today, we have a small party at daycare. Parents have been giving out
goody bags. I’m going to give out a beanie baby and a wedding bubble
to each kid. I have too many beanie babies (a girlfriend and I got
sucked into the beanie baby madness, but it was fun). I hope that
isn’t too big a thing for the goodybag, but I’d rather give out
something I have than spend more money to get goodybag junk.

And on Saturday, Chunguita is going to have a party with family and family
friends. We debated having a 2 year old party, but I get to see these
people so infrequently, we decided to use her birthday for a

Diapers & Potty

Chunguita goes thru short phases. For a day this weekend, she wanted to only use the pull-ups. We had told her those were big girl diapers (vs regular diapers). She was very interested in the potty.

On Sunday, she was back to being oblivious to it all.

Altho, she has gotten better about telling me right away when she poops. We’ve finally got the yeast infection(s) under control, and I think she understands that having the poop in her diaper makes the owie worse, but if it weren’t for that, I don’t think she’d mind having a poopy diaper at all.

Potty Training Boys

My mother started dealing with her first boy-child in 1949, and she’s had lots of experience since. She had this trick for getting boys to go in the toilet, and when I’ve used it on nephews & friends boys (granted, older than 2), it’s been very successful.

“I bet you can’t make any bubbles in the toilet!”

Off they run to the toilet to make bubbles. Works every time.

Now, if only I could think of something like that for girls and for pooping.