Poopy Diapers

Chunguita’ll tell me that she is poopin’, but then when I ask her if she’s all done, she says, “More poopin’.” to try and avoid having the diaper changed. She hates to have a poopy diaper changed.

In order to get her to cooperate with the diaper change, I strip her naked and let her play with wipes after we get her cleaned up. She loves to wipe herself, all over. And she cleans the windows, furniture, and floor. I’ve taught her to ask for a clean wipe after she’s wiped the x and wants to wipe herself. She also loves to be naked.

Potty Training

We never shut the doors, so Chunguita is in and out while we poop. In fact, one night she and her father sat down on their potties. Chunguita tried to poop, but nothing happened. DH was still sitting when Chunguita got bored and came to see what I was doing. She didn’t have any pants on. All of a sudden, she runs out of the room. I follow, and she’s back in the bathroom with DH, pooping.


We got the results back.

Volume 5 cc. (good)
Count 12 million (want > 20 million)
motility 10% (want >40%)
inert motility 80% (want <40%)

The infertility nurse said, "It looks like the vericocele is cooking the sperm."


The doctor has ordered another SA and some other tests for DH. We're still scheduled to go thru Kaiser indocrination … uh, I mean, education for infertility, and then tests may start for me.

I'm rather irritated with DH. I've been on his case to pursue the SA for 6 months. We have to go thru more tests, then his procedure, then it's a wait of 6 more months to see if it has an effect, altho I suppose we will continue to try during that time. Ttc is hard on us. The big four-oh looms over me, too. I'll be 38 before we see the effects of fixing his vericocele.

What gets me is: how did we conceive Chunguita? He had the vericocele then, too. No wonder it took 18 months.

Milk at night

I suggested to DH that he offer Chunguita milk when she wakes up in the middle of the night.


He gives her a sippy cup. She takes one sip, clutches it to herself, and goes back to sleep. At first, DH wanted to take the milk away from her, but since she went back to sleep, he decided she was okay with a sippy cup in bed.

It has worked so well that I haven’t had to get up with her for 4 nights in a row. DH has taken care of it all.


Chunguita still takes her nap. She needs it, too. If we get her up early
(6 am) she’s zonked by 11. If we don’t get her up early, we put her
down at 1:30. She sleeps for an hour, wakes, and should be coaxed back
to sleep for another hour.

She doesn’t go to be until 8:30, and sometimes she doesn’t go to sleep
until 10.

Btw, she slept from 8:30-10:30 last night, then went back to sleep
almost immediately, and slept until 5:15 am, nursed, slept until 7 am.
That’s excellent for us.

Stupid Cat

On Wednesday, the housecleaning crew comes and does an okay job of
cleaning our house. Annette, a cat, is always furious with us for
this. Frankie, the other cat, doesn’t seem to care.

Annette shows her anger by hiding and refusing to come when I call.
The cats are, suposedly, trained to come when called.

Wednesday when we got home from work, Annette was hiding. We didn’t
worry about it because she always does this. We decided to go out for
dinner. We get back from dinner, still no Annette. We get worried
because usually Annette only hides for an hour. Chunguita picks up on our
concern, and so we scour the house for Annette. No luck.

It’s Chunguita’s bedtime, and Annette has been hiding for 3 hours. Chunguita
is almost beside herself with worry, but I manage to calm her down and
get her to sleep. I look for Annette again. It has now been 4 hours
since we got home. I decide that maybe she got out when the cleaning
crew was there, so I go outside to look for her. It’s frigging cold
(29F), no Annette. I tell DH that I’m going to walk around the block
to look for her, no Annette.

I get back and that @#$% cat is sitting in the middle of the front room
waiting for me.