5 Weeks

I just tested last night. I got 2 lines (+ve) in less
than a minute. What a rollercoaster!

DH & I laughed and cried over this last night. The eta of this one is
Jan 23. Isabel’s birthday is January 21.

Isabel went thru a phase where she wanted a baby at home, but lately,
she’s been saying she is my baby and wanting me to hold her in the
cross-cradle position like she is a baby. I tell her that she will
always be my baby and that I love her very much.

Since she is my baby, she hasn’t wanted another baby at home.

Last night, I asked her if she would like a little brother or little
sister. She said, “No brother! No Owen brother. Sister Katarina.”
Katarina is one of her friends at daycare; Owen is at daycare, too.
I’m not sure what the implication of “No Owen brother” is.

Me: Would you like a sister like Katarina?
Isabel: Sister Katarina, yes. Sister Simone.
Me: What about a brother like Shawn?
Isabel: No brother Shawn.
Me: What about a brother like Emory?
Isabel: No brother Emory.
Me: What about a brother like Miles?
Isabel: Hm … Miles brother okay.

I don’t know why she isn’t receptive to a baby brother unless he’s like
Miles. She adored Miles, but he moved up to Preschool-One.

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