Dance Class

Chunguita loves to dance. Don’t all toddlers? She dances at daycare, she dances with us, she dances with Lauren (babysitter), and she even gets Abuelo to dance.

The local dance school offers Twinkle Babies for 2 & 3 year olds. So we decided to sign Chunguita up. She’s the youngest in the class, but there is another 2 year old who is only 2 months older than she is.

The first class was really hard. She sat on DH’s lap and watched. The second class, I went, too. She did better; DH was able to leave the room, but mostly she just stood there. She’s very good at sitting when
the teacher asks. The third class she mostly stood there and when the class moved around the room, Chunguita went with them.

Finally, at the 4th class, Chunguita is starting to do the moves with everyone else. She puts her right foot in, she puts her right foot out, she puts her right foot in … It stops there. But she’s doing it.

But most important, she loves it. She excited to go and runs into the classroom when we get there.

A room full of 2 & 3 year olds dancing is just about the cutest thing you can ever see.

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