Cutest Little Girl, when not screaming

Isabel is just about the cutest little girl in the world. I’m sure
you-all have different opinions, but she is so darling right now.

I was talking to a friend the other day about the “terrible twos” and
saying that we weren’t experiencing them. I spoke too soon. We had 2
tempertantrums in rapid progression. Okay, so she isn’t so darling
when she’s screaming.

The big one happened when she was washing dishes at the kitchen sink.
It was time for bath. I let her continue to wash dishes while I filled
the tub and undressed her. Previously, this had worked fine. Well,
this time the shit hit the fan. She was furious that I stopped her
from washing dishes. It took me 10 minutes to get her calmed down so
that she wasn’t screaming when I held her. I ended up getting in the
tub with her to wash her. That worked, and fortunately, she hasn’t
wanted me to get in with her again.

She’s very cute in the tub. I got her a Pooh wash mitt. Well, I got
it for me to wash her with. She loves it. It tickles when I use it to
clean her. The sound of her laughter is the most beautiful sound in
the world. After she’s all clean, I let her play in the bath.
Currently, she likes to pretend the babies are poopy and clean them up.
She very tenderly holds them and cleans their bottoms, but the babies
are face down in the water.

The other night, she wanted to sit on the toilet before getting into
the tub. We read 3 books, and I was getting impatient, but she kept
insisting that she needed a little more time. Well, she pooped in the
toilet. I was so pleased. It’s much better to poop in the toilet than
in the bathtub. I let her run out to her daddy to tell him before
getting in the tub.

She wants to call the baby Angel. Her abuelo calls her his little
angel, but I’m not sure if that is where she got it from or not. She’s
very certain that she wants a sister, not a brother.

Good-bye, Henrey

When we had Henrey put down, I told Isabel immediately. I didn’t tell
her that he died because I don’t think Isabel could understand that
concept. Instead, I told her that he had to go away because he was
very sick and that it was okay to be sad and to miss him. I don’t know
if she was sad and/or missed him, but she would always look very
concerned about me and give me a hug when we talked about Henrey.

She hasn’t asked where he went, and I’m not sure what I would tell her.
I like the idea of the circle of life, so that after resting with the
Goddess, Henrey would be ready to come back and be a good dog for
another family. I hope he gets so lucky. DH believes in heaven, and
the rainbow bridge story comes prepackaged on the ‘web. I don’t think
she’s ready to deal with the idea that people believe different things.
I’ll have to discuss this with DH so we can present a united front.


Chunguita has a marked preference for pants.

I’ve never really liked wearing dresses, so I don’t push it with Chunguita very often. If she says no, I try to accomodate her. Of course, the real reason is that I’m struggling to get her & me fed, dressed, and hair combed, so that I can get her to daycare and then go to work. DH has the same problems on his days.

Yesterday, she didn’t object to the denim jumper, but she came home with a big scrape on her shin. I wish I’d put a pair of legging on her under that jumper, but at the time, I was more concerned that she’d be too hot. Oh, well.

She won’t wear a leotard to dance class, but all the other little girls do. Talk about delicate little fairies. It is the cutest thing that I have ever seen.



Fortunately, I am more upset by this than Chunguita.

The method of gradually cutting back worked well for us. We went from 5-8 sessions/day to 4 sessions (after daycare, bedtime, early morning, naptime) to 2 (dropped nap & after daycare) to 1 (bedtime only) to none. All in just 4 weeks.

Chunguita protested the loss of the early morning session the most (yelling, hitting, and kicking), but she took to loss of the bedtime session very well. I’d been telling her that we were going to stop nursing, and on Thursday, I started telling her that tomorrow was the last session. I don’t know if she understands the day names or not, so
I didn’t tell her that Friday was the last day. I did tell DH, and she was there. So if she knows the day names, she knew when it was coming. Saturday and Sunday nights she asked to nurse several times, but there was no yelling, hitting, or kicking when I said no more nursing.

I’m still sad about it. I really liked lying in bed with her and nursing. We still lie in bed and cuddle, but it’s not the same.

We play this game were I call her my stinker pooh, and she says she’s a stinky poo. But on Saturday, she started saying, she isn’t a stinker pooh, she is my baby. I respond with, “You’ll always be my baby.” I don’t know if that is related to the weaning or not, but the timing is especially poignant.

Yosemite Trip

We went to Yosemite last weekend. It was a nice trip, but rather cold.
It was kinda scary driving in on 120. It was raining and hailing, and
the temperature dropped to 33F (0.5C). 120 is a windy, steep, narrow,
mountain road with sheer drops on one side. It’s not a road that I
want to be on, pulling a trailer, in the ice and snow.

The weather cleared in the valley. It was beautiful Saturday afternoon
and Sunday. We were going to stay another night, but the rangers told
us it would either continue raining or snow. We have a heater in the
tent-trailer, but that’s lousy weather for camping with a 2 year old.
Heck, it’s lousy weather for camping with a 37 year old.

There was a bear in the campgrounds both nights. I find it rather
frightening. I don’t want to get close to a bear, and I especially
don’t want Chunguita anywhere near a bear. The rangers came around and
warned us. I think the bear has been around for several days. They’d
set up a trap, but so far the bear hasn’t fallen for it.

I’m really glad we have the tent trailer instead of a tent. I would
not have been able to sleep in a tent. While the tent trailer would
not keep a bear out, it’s up off the ground. The bear isn’t going to
walk by right next to you.

The first night, right when I was trying to put Chunguita to sleep, the
bear came into the campgrounds (not our site). BANG, BANG, BANG.
went on forever to me. Chunguita was able to fall asleep tho.

The second night, the bear came back earlier. It was dark, but people
were still up and around with campfires burning. The bear went into a
populated site with a fire and took the cooler. DH said the people
were stupid to have the cooler out after dark, but I wouldn’t have
given it a thought. After the bear left, I had to go potty. DH wanted
me to use the portapotty, but I had to poop. He said it was okay to
poop in the portapotty, but I didn’t want to. The hardest part is that
Chunguita wants to go to the potty with us. There was no way that she was
going out, but I went potty and came back with no problem. I had a
terrible time sleeping. I was worried that the bear would smell the
strawberries on Chunguita’s jacket and come into the trailer to get the
jacket. I didn’t want to go out and put the jacket in the bearsafe box
in the middle of the night, and I didn’t want DH to do it either. I
finally fell asleep when DH got up and crawled into bed with Chunguita.
Her bed is on the other side of the trailer with the door between us.

I’m not going to forget that soon.