Angel in Mommy’s Tummy

Isabel feels no ownership of her crib; she calls it Angel’s crib.

She was so cute last night. She was patting my tummy, saying she was
patting Angel in Mommy’s tummy. I told her to put her ear against my
tummy to see if she could hear Tony-Angel. She tried, but she looked
up, very disappointed, and said, “No hear anything.” I told her Tony-
Angel was still very small, only 4 inches, and maybe when he’s bigger,
we’ll be able to hear something.

I loved the “Angel in Mommy’s tummy” bit.


Isabel refuses to wear a leotard, tights, and dance skirt. All the
other girls in the class come wearing really frilly clothing. I talked
to one mother about it, and she said Rachel loves to get dressed up
pretty and foo-foo for dance class.

I’m not saying this is a problem. I’d rather have a daughter with a
strong independent streak who didn’t dress exactly the same as her