One Monkey Bouncing on the Bed

Last night, Isabel was bouncing all around her room and managed to
bounce off the bed onto her head. Don’t you hate it when you are right
there, but there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop the impending
disaster. It scared me, too, because she was still for a moment after

Later that night, she climbed up onto her table was trying something
with her chair. I forsaw the chair sliding away and Isabel falling, so
I told her, “Stop it; do you want to land on your head again?” She

A few minutes later, she’s doing the same thing but sitting on her
chair instead of on the table. Sure enough, the other chair slides out
from under, and she ends up sprawled on the floor. She looks up with
this guilty look. She had sorta listened to me, but she had to try it
anyway. I told her that it was good that she didn’t land on her head

Sometimes, they are going to find a way to do it anyway. And this was
a kid who usually listens.

Trip to San Diego

We had a good trip to San Diego. Isabel is a great traveler as long as
she doesn’t skip nap. Last time we went camping, my mother (Abuela)
went with us. This time, Isabel assumed that Abuela would be there to
play with her while DH & I set up the tent trailer. Isabel and I went
to the beach and played tag. Isabel liked the sand but was afraid of
the water. She adored the swimming pool.

OnSaturday, we went to the zoo. Isabel is afraid of the big animals,
elephents, rhinos, hippos. Other than that, she loved it. We left at
2, so that she could nap. DH’s family arrived at our campsite around
5:30, and DH prepared a grand feast. While dinner was being prepared,
we went swimming again. DH got sunburned.

On Sunday, we went to SeaWorld. Isabel did not like the whales or
dolphins. The belugas were okay, but we had to leave the killer whale
show and the dolphin show. I got a little sunburned. I forgot that my
swimcap covers the top of my forehead. We left around 3 so that Isabel
could nap. DH’s brother wanted to go to the Cadillac Diner for dinner.
That was a lot of fun. Our waitress was very playful and interacted
with Isabel.

On Monday, we went swimming in the pool again. Then off to La Jolla to
have breakfast, but we got there too late. One of DH’s nephews was
very upset that he couldn’t have a big waffle. We went back to the zoo
so that we could see the animals around dusk. It makes a big
difference. Some animals, like the pandas and the great apes, go to
bed early, but others were much more active. The polar bear was really
cool. One was swimming and playing. He didn’t like the great blue
herons that kept coming into his habitat. Isabel had a blast on the
bus tour and the skyride.

We packed up Tuesday morning. The ride back was uneventful until we
got to Harris Ranch. DH really wanted to stop there, but the timing
was bad, right when Isabel was most tired. It made the meal difficult.
On the way out, we stopped for gas and DH checked the lights on the
trailer. The turnsignals and brakes were working, but the taillights
were not. He spent a 1/2 hour trying to fix it with no luck. Isabel
and I played in the fountains in the courtyard of Harris Ranch. It was
so hot (104F/40C). The courtyard was shaded and empty, so I was able
to dip my hands and feet in the fountain. I was mightily tempted to
dunk my head. Isabel had a tempertantrum when we left. She wanted to
stay at the fountains. She fell asleep as soon as we got the truck
DH was very anxious about traveling after dark with no taillights, but
the trailer is white, so I think it was pretty visible, and we got home
around 9 pm, so it hadn’t been dark for too long.


I can’t imagine Isabel at 5 pm without a nap. Well, she skipped her
nap when we went to the San Diego Zoo, but we had her cousins with us
to keep her attention, and we were doing fun stuff at the zoo.

If she doesn’t nap, she is pretty hard to deal with. It’s one
tempertantrum after another.


Isabel does. When I serve her lunch, say hotdogs, broccolli, pickles,
peach, and yogurt, she eats the brocolli first (with no input from me).
She likes the pickles, too, and while they have a lot of sodium in
them, they are cucumbers. They daycare providers say she does the same
at daycare. She likes green food.

She loves fish.

I’m not sure why or how we got so lucky. Must be the karma cops,
because she is a terrible sleeper.

Isabel is so weird in this respect. I mean, I always thought that kids
don’t like veggies. They taste bitter or something to them, and that
that changes as they grow up. Either that or some adults use logic wrt
to veggies being good for them and eat them for that reason (ie me).

Isabel loves veggies, especially brocoli, asparagus, zucchini,
mushrooms, onions, carrots, and peas. Okay, so peas are a starch, but

We sent leftover mushrooms to daycare, and the teachers told us that
Isabel would eat a mushroom and announce “My like mushrooms” with much
gusto, then repeat, until all the mushrooms were gone.

We had steak, italian sausage, rice-a-roni, carrots, and brocoli the
other night. What did Isabel want 2nds and 3rds of? Carrots and

She loves chocolate, too.