Isabel has recovered from the crushing loss of Miles and Katarina, who
moved up to PS2. Allison and Kyle are now her best friends. A few
days ago, when we arrived at daycare, Allison came running over,
exclaiming, “Isabel is here! Isabel is here!” It was really neat to

Last night, Isabel told me that she really loves Allison and she loves
Kyle. Fickle girl, this morning, she said she likes Kyle, but she
LOVES Allison.

Oh, and her relationship with Owen has improved, too. She likes him
more days than she doesn’t like him.

I ask her about the other kids, but she doesn’t have much to say about
them one way or the other.

Potty Training

Two steps forward, one step back.

Isabel was wearing panties at home in the evening. Her father is just
too impatient. Every 30 minutes, I’d take her potty, and we’d talk
about waterfalls, read a book, and watch for pee-pee. Well, DH took a
turn, 2 in a row, and Isabel didn’t produce. It was time for bath, so
we stripped her for naked time. About 2 minutes into naked time,
Isabel had an accident. That’s it for panties. She didn’t want to
wear them, so we talked about it and decided to wait until October.


When we got back from camping in Santa Cruz, we asked Isabel what her
favorite thing about the trip was.

Her answer was “brocoli”.

On this trip, my sister and her grandson, Anthony age 4, joined us.
Isabel adores Anthony and likes my sister. She got to play with
Anthony on the swings and slide and in the sand. We went swimming in
the pool at the campground. We played kickball. We ate chocolate. We
rode the train thru the redwoods to the beach. We rode the skyride,
the ferris wheel, the merry-go-round, and Isabel went on several rides
by herself or with Anthony at the boardwalk, played on the beach, and
shopped. Isabel really likes shopping. We rode the train back to the

Upon further questioning, Isabel changed her mind and declared that the
swimming was the best part.

Don’t Like

I don’t tell Isabel to not say she doesn’t like someone. (Whew! Was
that enough negatives in one sentense?) While I don’t want her to grow
up to be a clod who doesn’t have any sensitivity for others, I don’t
want her to ignore or disregard her feelings in deference to others.

Instead, we explore why she doesn’t like something or someone. Like
Owen, when she says she doesn’t like Owen, I ask her why, and she will
tell me something like “Isabel fall down. Owen.” or sometimes “Owen
push”. Quite frankly, I think she has good reason to not like Owen and
to be wary of him.

When she tells me she doesn’t like shrimp, we talk about why. It’s too
scary looking to her. At this point, that is a good enough reason to
not try it. She does try most foods when I give her a little push.

So far, she has always had good reasons for expressing dislike of


Isabel is funny about the talking. I mean, she likes to talk to
herself. She probably gets that from me. I talk to myself while I’m
doing pretty much anything.

For example, she’ll be taking a bath and chatting away. She asks a
question, and I answer. She tells me she isn’t talking to me. So I
watch her for a while, and she tells me not to look at her. DH manages
to lie on the floor and read while she’s bathing, but I have a hard
time not paying direct attention to her when she talking.