New Look 6959


UPDATE (3/9/04): Reviewed for Stash Contest. This time I made the skirt out of some 100% polyester knit moleskin. It’s VERY short on DD. I choose the patterns based on her height, adjusting the waist elastic for fit. I think it needs to be lengthened 2 inches.

UPDATE (2/25/04): Reviewed for stash contest. The pattern is now out of print. I couldn’t find anything similar at New Look or Simplicity.

I made the tank top for DD. It was very easy, only 2 pattern pieces. The back is a 2 piece back, so there were a total of 3 pieces. Instead of a facing like on the dress, the tanktop instructions call for a 3/8 inch hem. What do people do who don’t have a coverstitch machine? I mean, I had to snip the hem allowance to get it to turn. The coverstitch covers this pretty well. I like binding better, I think. Maybe I’ll do that on the next one. I used a pink with blue flowers cotton lycra knit print that I bought at least 2 years ago to make nursing tops.

This is a great pattern for knits, and it worked great with the slinky knit. My only problem was that I had just made a Kwik Sew top & skirt for myself out of the same fabric,and I forgot to use a 5/8″ seam allowance on the kid’s dress. It wasn’t a biggie, and I was very glad it happened that way instead of the other way around.

I did all of the construction on the serger using the 4-thread-safety stitch. Because the dress is so little, it literally took minutes to sew all the seams.

I decided to eliminate the facings. I hate facings. I think they makes things look homemade in a bad way. Instead I finished all the hems with a 3 thread rolled hem stitch on the serger. This was the first time I used a metallic wooly nylon to edge a garment. It came out wonderfully. I did not use any stabilizer in the neckline. Since toddlers outgrow things so quickly, I decided this wouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately, DD is on a dress strike and refuses to wear it.


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