Smacked Her Head

Isabel slipped, fell, and hit the back of her head on the step outside
my bedroom. The patio and step are covered with satillo tiles which
were wet and very slippery.

She did not lose consciousness or anything, but DH freaked out. Since
DH was with her, she wanted me. DH picked her up, immediately. I like
to let them lie there for a moment so that I can see if everything is
moving properly, but since she was screaming bloody murder, I figured
nothing was hurt to badly. I took her from DH, and we headed for the
ice packs.

On the way to the freezer, I felt something dripping on my arm. DH
confirmed it was blood and freaked out some more. I tried to tell him
that it’s okay because head cuts bleed A LOT. We get the ice pack,
wrap it in a towel, and hold it to her head for a few minutes while
lying in my bed (the safest place in the house :). The bleeding slows
to an ooze, and she doesn’t want the pack on any more. I try to look
at it, but she won’t let me. I feel around it, and she doesn’t
complain, so I get close to the cut, and she still doesn’t complain.
Big relief.

Tony burbled happily to himself, sitting in his bouncy seat, the entire
time, such an easy baby.

However, I’m dreading bath. She has to take a bath and have her hair
washed. We didn’t do it the night before, and she’s pretty scummy.
Several hours later, it’s time for bath. She’s running around (good)
screaming like a banshee, par for the course, before bath. She gets in
the bath, and I suggest that we wash her body before doing her hair.
NO WAY; hair must be washed first. With much trepidition, I pour the
water over her head, apply the shampoo, much more gently than usual
scubbing of scalp, rinse, condition, rinse, and wash the body. No
problem. Big sigh of relief. Isabel is feeling so good she wants to
stay in the tub and play.

I was so calm. Usually, I’m much more emotional than DH. It’s nice to
know that I won’t, necessarily, lose it when the kids get hurt or are
in danger. I always figured I would.

Reading & Writing

Isabel does this, too. She likes it so much that some days I will have
her sit on her bed and “read” books for 2 hours instead of a nap.

She knows the alphabet, but the connection of letters and sounds to
words are beyond her.

She also likes to fill out forms. She will “write” on every line.


Isabel has had an imaginary friend, Bear, for a long time. She will
just start talking to him, or she’s hearing voices. Sometimes, I will
hear her and try to answer. She tells me very firmly that she is
talking to Bear right now, and will I please wait. She tells us all
sorts of things about Bear.

Bear is sometimes confusing to parents because Bear should not be
confused with Bear in the Big Blue House, also called Bear.

She also plays Daycare. Her 2 favorites are Circle and Snack. In
Circle, all of her kids sit around her and listen to her read a book.
Occasionally, there will be one who “is not listening to my words”.

She plays Snack in the bathtub. We have given her many, many bottles
and cups to play with in the tub. She likes to fill them up with water
and line them up on the edge of the tub. Very rarely does she spill
them over the side.

I love listening to her play, observing how her imagination works, and
learning about the parts of her life that don’t include me.

BurdaStyle Magazine, BurdaKids 2003, Pattern 651, Toddler Skirt

Pattern Description:
ruffleSimple skirt from a rectangle of fabric.

Pattern Sizing:
92, 98, 104 (roughly 2T, 3T, 4T)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
It did before I added the ruffle.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes, and I liked the method of leaving the top inch (i.e. the foldover part of waistband) of a side seam open to insert the elastic.

They didn’t tell you how long to make the elastic. I used Sandra Betzina’s recommendation of 1.5 inches less than the child’s waist.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
It’s very easy to sew or alter.

Fabric Used:
An old, hand-me-down fabric from my quilt fabric stash.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:
I added a bias cut ruffle. I should have measured a skirt DD wears before I made this one. It was midthigh on her even tho the pattern size is for a child taller than she is and the picture shows it coming down to the knee. I used my ruffler for the first time for this skirt.

I left off the fabric ties.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I plan on sewing it again, but I can’t recommend it. It would be easy to make by measuring the bottom circumference of a skirt for the fabric retangle width and the length of the skirt for the fabric rectangle height . Dont’ forget to add seam allowances, 1″ waistband, and hem. Cut the elastic for the waist 1.5 inches smaller than the girl’s waist.

This was very easy to make, but you really don’t need a pattern.

New Look – 6106 (Dolman Sleeve T-shirts (5in1).)

Pattern Description: nl6106
Dolman sleeve t-shirts with a v-neck, boat neck, or drapey neck, and long sleeves, flouncy short sleeves, or tank. I made view B, drapey neckline w/flouncy short sleeves. It’s a snug fitting t-shirt.

Pattern Sizing:

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Pretty much. I thought the drape was more pronounced in my top than in the picture. On the top I photographed, I tried to lettuce edge the sleeves and hem which is not in the pattern, so that looks different.

Were the instructions easy to follow?6106
Very easy.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
LIKE: I love the drapey neckline and flouncy sleeves. It is super easy to sew.

DISLIKE: The snug fit doesn’t work for me. It looks great on my shoulders, arms, and breasts, but I’m too tubby in the middle for this fit.

Fabric Used:
90% cotton/10% lycra from Beverly’s, supposedly a swimsuit fabric. I also made one out of a 100% cotton jersey from Joann’s (not pictured).

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:
Graded up, and I used a lettuce edge on the sleeves and hems (poor choice for the fabric shown).

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Even tho it didn’t fit very well, I made another one out of the cotton jersey. I was hoping the lack of lycra would give me a looser fit. It did, but not enough. I really, really like it, even tho it doesn’t fit my middle so well, and either I will lose weight and make more, or I will grade it bigger thru the middle.

This is a very attractive, very easy to sew shirt.