Kwik Sew 2565
KS 2565

Burda Plus Spring 2004 French Dart T-shirtburda plus spring 2004 french dart t-shirt line drawing
Burda Plus Magazine 406A,
French Dart Tshirt

kwik sew 3055
Kwik Sew 3055

New Look 6959
New Look 6959 OOP

I finished serging all the seams. The only thing left to do is hem. NL 6959 tank top is completed. I tried coverstitch in the round using Bryden’s instructions for ending the coverstitch. It worked wonderfully. I did have some trouble going over the seams. The Elna 744 really doesn’t handle bulk very well during coverstitch. I tried on the t-shirts. The bigger sleeve makes a huge difference in the KwikSew tshirt. I’m not thrilled with the Burda Plus tshirt. I’m not sure why. It came out looking almost exactly like the one in the magazine. I was hoping that it looked big and sacklike on the model because she wasn’t a plus sized model and that while I filled out the shirt more than the model, the french darts would give me some shaping and definition at the waist. The KS t-shirt is much more flattering. I, probably, should follow Sherril’s example, and stick with the tried and true pattern. I like trying new patterns, tho. I wonder what would happen if I put the french darts in the KS tshirt?


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