Pants & T-shirts

After “talking” it over with Sherril, I have decided that the cotton/lycra knit is not suitable for the pants. I think I will make them out of a stretch gabardine that I have in the stash.

burda plus spring 2004 pegged knit skirt Burda Plus Spring 2003 stretch woven pull on pants Kwik Sew 2565 kwik sew 3055
Burda Plus Spring 2004 pegged
straight skirt for knit fabrics
Burda Plus Spring 2003 pants
in stretch fabric
KS 2565 Kwik Sew 3055
I found the instructions in the Burda Plus magazine to be very confusing. I had to get out another skirt pattern with a back vent for the instructions. I was thinking the problem is that the pattern calls for a lining, and I’m not using one. However, I couldn’t figure out to sew the back vent, and the lining doesn’t come down that far. I put away my knit and got out the stretch cotton gabardine. I pin fit the pattern. It’s a good thing that I traced the 50 instead of the 48 because I had to let out the side seams 1 inch. The front crotch length is good for me, but I need to add to the back crotch length. I serged a shoulder. I like to use clear elastic to stablize the shoulders. Long sleeved t-shirt: I serged a shoulder. I like to use clear elastic to stablize the shoulders.
New Look 6959
New Look 6959 OOP Burda 8841 OOP?
The skirt is finished except for the hem. I waiting to thread the serger for coverstitch until I have a big pile that needs it. 2 t-shirts and 1 pair of shorts: I interfaced the shoulders. This pattern calls for snaps in the shoulders, and the knit needs something more substantial to support the snaps.

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