Fabric Inventory

So far, I have logged polyester wovens, cotton wovens, knits, swimsuit fa

brics, and bottomweight fabrics. Still to do are my silk fabrics, fleeces, felted fabrics, sweater knits, SWAP fabrics, and misc fabrics. Not included in the inventory are quilting cottons in cuts less than 1 yard and crazy quilt fabrics. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about them. It would make life easier to have swatch cards for this, too, but there are many, many small cuts of fabric.


I ran out of index cards after doing 4 rayons, so the inventory is on hold until I get to the store.

I actually tossed out a 5 yard cut of fabric. It was a sheer rayon, stiff and scratchy, that had been printed to make scarves. It had a white line between each “scarf”. I was going run a seam where the line was and use the yardage to make Simplicity 7227 view C (image to the right). However, either it or something else ran while I was washing it, and the fabric is stained with black marks all over it. Between the black marks and the extra sewing to get rid of the white line, I decided the fabric wasn’t worth keeping or worth anything to anyone else.

I swam today, 700 meters.


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