Cheetah Block

I finished another quilt block for DD’s quilt. I’ve got 2 more to do. They are both ready to be satin stitched, but I’m going to do some clothing sewing first.

Finally, the stash is logged. The inventory isn’t complete because I want to set up a spreadsheet of the stash. I have a good sense of what’s in the stash, like I have way too many batik shirtings and only a few linen pieces. However, when I last ordered linen, I ordered 2 different navys (one is pintucked linen and one is linen rayon), 2 different pinks (one is linen cotton, and one is linen rayon), and 2 different naturals (one is stretch linen and one is linen gauze). But I’m concerned that I’ll buy more navy linen which I don’t need to store until these are used.

We’re having a garage sale next month, so I put 3 cuts of fabric in the pile to sell, along with old jeans and old sheet sets that I’m sure I had some ideas for when I stored them. All of my fabric is put away. I made swatch cards for everything. I have a couple of pieces still coming, but I’m pretty much out of fabric storage space. I promised myself and my husband that I wouldn’t buy anymore fabric until I had room to store it.

burda plus winter 2003 gored skirt My zippers came in, and they seem to be of good quality. I didn’t find any kinks in them. I moved the zipper to centerback from a side application. I’m using Sandra Betzina‘s invisible zipper method from Power Sewing

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