My instructions to Isabel are usually a single task, never more than

“Stop hitting your brother.”
“Stop choking your brother.”
“Stop spanking your brother.”
“Let your brother go.”
“Pur your brother down.”
“Let go of his ankle.”
“Stop hugging your brother.” It’s smothering really.
“Give that toy back to your brother.”

And so forth. I’m sure Ruthie got similar instructions when she was 4.

There are others, like “put your clothes in the laundry”.

When we are out and Isabel is racing ahead of us, she does stop when I
tell her that’s far enough or to stop before she gets to the driveway
or curb. 


I know that I’ve tried to be as responsive as possible
to Isabel, even if it is just to acknowledge her request and tell her
to wait a minute. Recently, she’s just launched straight into whining.

We’ve had more problems with tempertantrums on her part, lately, too.
So something is going on with her. It’s hard to go from the first baby
in 20 years to the older sister.

The one that really bothers me is her ignoring me. I tell her that if
I can’t believe that she’s listening to me that I can’t trust her, but
that doesn’t seem to mean anything to her. So now, I’m adding that if
I can’t trust her, we can’t places like the park because I can’t trust
her to listen to me and stop or come when I call. That seems to make
more sense to her. It hasn’t stopped the not-listening, but I think
she can understand that better than the more general idea of trust.

Using up fabric scraps.

After searching through my Ottobre and Burda Kids magazines for the absolute best knit garment to make with the green knit scraps, I traced a pair of pull on pants. Ottombre made them from velour. I couldn’t tell if it was stretch velour or not. Alas, I was short fabric by about an inch.

I didn’t find anything else in the magazines that I thought I could make with the fabric scraps, so I pulled out my stock of kid’s patterns. I’m going to give Burda 4978 OOP a try. These are a pair of baby pants with a front and back yoke and rolled cuffs. It’s a Canadian Burda pattern. The dimensions are in both cm and inches, but there’s a note in the instructions that all sewing terms are American. I’m going to have to ask the Canadian sewiers if they have a different sewing vocabulary.

Well, I gave into temptation and bought more fabric. I have this thing about orange and pink in one fabric. My mother used to make negative comments about women who wore orange and fuschia together, and …somehow … I love orange and fuschia or orange and pink together. And I like this one, too.


burda plus winter 2003 gored skirt
Burda Plus Winter 2003 retro skirt
I did not have my skirt fitted. I ended up ripping the whole thing apart and resewing it. The @#$%ing thing was too big. I’ve got to get over my fear of making something too small and trust my measuring & fitting skills. The petersham ribbon didn’t work because you need to plan for it from the beginning. I had not. However, it is now completed, and I’m happy that it’s done.
McCall’s 3085 OOP
Finished! Now to wear them and review them.
Kwik Sew 2743 OOP
Finished! Working late at night in poor light is not the best way to sew. I noticed that there is a fade line down the center of the fabric I used to make this skirt.
kwik sew 3028
Kwik Sew 3028
The pattern seems to fit without any alteration, so I cut out Robert’s sweatshirt.
New Look 6898 front
New Look 6898
I had enough of the fabric left over from Robert’s sweatshirt to cut out the shawl collar view. I love this pattern. This will be the third time that I’ve made it.
New Look 6106, View B
I decided to hem the sleeves instead of doing a rolled edge.

Burda 8841 OOP?

I put off the decision on how to hem the necklines and put in the sleeves. The shorts are ready for the waistband elastic.

A little sewing

Kwik Sew 2743 OOP
I finished the waist and sewed the sides. The elastic is cut. All that needs to be done is finish the waistband and hem.
kwik sew 3028
Kwik Sew 3028
Robert’s chest is 41.5 inches, so I traced a size large in the pull-over sweatshirt. He wants a plain sweatshirt out of Windpro with sleeves that are long enough. First, he’s going to get a fitting toile in olive sweatshirt fleece from a garage sale.