No White Thread

burda world of fashion 2003 4 April kidsHow could this happen? I had a spool Friday. I suspect the baloney boy took it. Back to Joann’s.



I cut out a swimsuit from Kwik Sew’s Swim and Action Wear Book in May of 2002, just before I learned I was pregnant. Yesterday and today, I finished the suit. This is the only time that I have ever cut something out and not made it up. This suit incorporates modifications based on the toile that I’ve been using to swim in. Hopefully, this one won’t bag in the butt and leave me exposed in front. I plan on swimming in it on Monday.

I tried the triple coverhem stitch to finish the neck, arm, and leg holes. I’d never used it before. I used 2 green threads on the outside and a purple one in the middle. It really helps if you thread your chain looper correctly, but that would be true of all the coverstitches.

Stupid Laundry

Big Sigh. In theory, DH was supposed to take the kids all day Saturday. Well, I thought that meant that he would feed them breakfast, but apparently not. They came bounding into the bedroom and rousted me out of bed because they were hungry, wanted breakfast, and their father was no where to be found. To make matters worse, BH (DH’s evil persona) has not done much around the house for the past month because he bought a new boat. The boat did not start out “the damn boat”. It’s taken a month of his spending all of his free time with the damn boat to reall color my attitude. Anyway, because BH has neglected his chores, we were running out of clothes for the kids. BH is supposed to do the kids’ laundry. So instead of sewing all day Saturday, I was folding and putting away laundry.

New Look 6898 frontSo my big day alone to sew, I managed to topstitch NL 6869, hem the sleeves, and serge the side seams.

A little sewing, a little shopping

burda world of fashion 2003 4 April kidsI traced the pattern for Burda WOF 4/2003 157 – Girl’s Dress (157 in the image to the left) last night. DD has been gaa-gaa over the dress since she saw it in the magazine. It’s funny. She’s a jeans and t-shirt girl, and this is a really frilly dress. But what’s a mom to do?

I reviewed the gift bag and the baby pants.

I went shopping at Joann’s. I can’t put away the fabric that I have, so I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore until it was all away. So what do I do? I go into Joann’s this morning to buy some patterns, and I find a “Mexican” stripe fabric that I have to have.

Then I walk over to the quilting cottons. For some reason, they put a couple of mud-cloth knock-offs over there. I’ve been eyeing one for several months, but it’s $12.99/yard. Seems a bit expensive for printed burlap. It was gone! Like I need more fabric? Like I was going to go home and sew it right away? No & no. But I was so upset. So I go back to the clearance fabrics, and they have a rayon-cotton-lycra knit. You know I had to buy that. There was only a yard. I hope there’s enough left after prewash to make a t-shirt. It feels really nice. Then because I’m feeling sorry for myself because the faux-mud-cloth is gone, I pick out a funky sweaterknit that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

On the way back to the cutting table, I see the faux-mud-cloth on the lower shelf. There’s another woman right there, and she turns to talk to me when I exclaim, “THERE YOU ARE!” We examine the fabric together, and I lament the high price, but I have a coupon. “No”, she says, “You have to come back on Sunday to use your coupon.” What? I look at my coupon, and she’s right.

Those @#$%#&!@ at Joann’s. Their marketing scheme is working. I have to make 2 trips to get the sale patterns and to use my coupon.