sewing update

Well, the orange & pink fabric purchase fell through. It seems that I am not the only one who has a penchant for orange and pink fabric.

Burda 4978: Finished. They came out okay. I messed up the elastic application. The casing allowance in the pattern was too small for my elastics, so I serged the elastic to the fabric, turned, and stitched it down for a faux casing look. I basted the elastic in place at the start but not at the finish, big mistake. My kids are slim, so I make pants the right length, then make the elastic fit their waists, and they don’t care if the pants are big in the thighs or baggy in the seats. However, sometimes, the waistband elastic is so much smaller than the waist, and it’s such a small waist, that I have trouble with the serge and turn method. I wasn’t able to maintain tension at the end, and the elastic slipped, so there is a section of the waist that doesn’t have elastic. Ah, well, live and learn.

kwik sew 3028
Kwik Sew 3028
The sweatshirt is almost finished. All that’s left to do is the lower hem. I decided not to finish the neckline and just let it roll a little. This really is just a toile. If DH likes the sweatshirt, and the neckband bothers him, I’ll finish it.
New Look 6898 front
New Look 6898
I decided I needed matching thread to do some topstitching, so this has been waiting. I have the thread now, but I need to work on the mother’s day exchange gift.
New Look 6106, View B
I finished this one. BIG SIGH. I don’t know what happened. I got the darts at my waist and the armholes too small.

I joined in the Mother’s Day gift exchange on my mom’s e-mail list. The lucky recipient will be getting a crazy quilted tote based on Cindy Taylor Oates bag book. Everything was going great until I managed to break a needle doing an embroidery this morning. Since I had to get to work, I didn’t really assess the damage. We shall see what it looks like this evening.

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