Stupid White Dress

burda world of fashion 2003 4 April kidsWhat a pain! The raglan sleeves were difficult to get in because they are a one piece sleeve, and the underarm curve is tight. It was tough to turn the neckline casing, this time because of a moderate curve at center front. I think next time I’ll use bias tape. Getting the ruffles right on the skirt was tough, too. I should remember my own advice and just make one long ruffle, using the ruffler, cutting it where I need it. But no, I cut my strips then tried to fit them. I didn’t follow the instructions for the width of the ruffles. They are all about 5 inches wide. I placed one at the bottom hem, one at the middle, and one at the waist. Instead of an invisible zip, I decided to make a placket with a snap. I still need to sew the skirt to the top and add the snap.

Simplicity 5633Simplicity 5633 t-shirt, tank top, and skirt: these are cut out of the white eyelet and ready to go.

I started tracing Simplicity 5689 in a size 4. I made this in a size 3 last year, and DD can still wear the dress. I considered making it again in a 3 and adding a ruffle to the bottom, but after all the ruffles in the white dress, I’m really not eager to do that. I plan on tracing the t-shirt and shorts, too. It just occured to me that I could make her a tank top out of this pattern, too. Hm

I’ve got quite a backlog of cut patterns. I used to sew at night after everyone else went to bed, but it’s been keeping DD & DH up, so I trace, alter, and cut. I need to find time to sew.


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