Got some sewing done

Kwik Sew 2489: I finished the 2nd pair of these. Adding the extra half inch at the sides made a nice difference. I really like to wear these under polyester skirts. This pair is made from that left over eyelet, so it’s 100% cotton. It works well to keep the polyester skirts from clinging to my butt.

Simplicity 5633Simplicity 5633: I decided to replace the neck facings with bias tape. On the first top, I forgot to shape the bias before applying it, so I have funneling that I managed to steam out, but I think that will come back every wash.

Kwik Sew 2565: I changed the dart on this top to a French dart. I’ve been intrigued by this dart for a while. I tried Burda Plus Spring 2004 – 406A, but I wasn’t happy with the fit of the t-shirt. That made it impossible to evaluate the French dart effect. I’m cutting this one out of some leftover blue slinky from a dress.


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