Ugly Fabric7/9/2004 03:04:39 PM

I want to respond to the comment left in my blog about patterns being flawed. IMNSHO, that arguement still implies that there’s something wrong with someone’s body. The pattern sloper is based on a real person. Whether it’s the big4, who use a woman in her early 20s who is a perfect size 10, or it’s Lois Ericson, who uses herself, it all starts with a real person. I think we need to get away from the negative language.

Last night I cut out view E from Simplicity 5098 from one of the uglies in my stash. I’m sure this was a high quality quilting cotton that I bought on clearance back when I was just starting to quilt. I like the colors in it, individually. They are fuschia, turquoise, olive green, on a red background, but collectively, they just don’t work to my eye. The print is very large. My hunch is that I was thinking if I cut it up into small pieces, I wouldn’t have the clashing colors. However, it makes a very good toile fabric, and this top seems to have consumed it all.

Jo is coming over in a little bit to make duct tape doubles.


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