Nice Weekend

We had a nice weekend at home. Saturday was Mom’s birthday, but her bad children, myself included, didn’t do anything. The weather wasn’t too hot. In fact, we didn’t turn on the A/C yesterday. It was so nice to be able to sit with Robert out in front while the kids played in the water. Sure, we had other chores we could have been doing, but we weren’t going anywhere or have any deadlines. It’s really rare that we both feel free enough to sit at the same time.

Pulguito has a 2 word sentense: Go bed.

Chunguita is more interested in having her clothes go together instead of just putting on whatever. Today was purple and pink day at daycare, but I was careful to make sure that the striped top had the same purple as her shorts.


That’s from Marine World. Pulguito was fascinated by the walruses and most of the other animals. Chunguita’s afraid, but when she sees Pulguito pressed up against the glass, she gets a little braver.


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