Style Book

I started a new style book for me. I had been cutting things out and putting them in a spiral bound notebook. I would paste as much as I could on one page and on the back. I thought I was being frugal. But I ended up with a jumbled mishmash of things, some of which I don’t care for any more.

When the last Cold Water Creek (CWC) catalog came in, I decided it was time for a new notebook. This time, I started a 3-ring binder. Instead of pasting as much as I could on one page and it’s back, I only used the front of the page. Usually, I pasted one item on a page, but sometimes if the two images were very similar, I might paste 2. I wrote notes on the page on why I liked something, if I like the color, does it fit in my SWAP colors, style comments, and anything else that comes to mind.

I had a few things pinned to bulliten board that I put in the notebook, but most of the stuff came from CWC. I really like their stuff. I consider it casual, slightly funky, business attire for the most part. They have some party or formal stuff, but parties these days seem to invovle chasing 4 year olds around playground equipment. They also have casual non-business clothes that I would wear to work, too. After gathering together the images I had cut out of the CWC catalog, I noticed that CWC uses the same pattern over and over and over again; at least, in the things I like there is this repetition. From the stand point of a sewist, this is a very smart thing to do.

I also noticed that the style of the jackets were not quite suited to me. They aren’t fitted enough, and they are too long. I don’t want a fitted jacket, but I need darts. Without shaping around the gigantic ones, I look like I’m wearing a sack. Midhip jackets are the worst on me. I need them to hit me above the butt, since mine protrudes, or way past the butt, like midthigh. It’s not a matter of it being big enough either. Jackets get hung up on the butt which is unflattering, but also having that line right across the big butt isn’t flattering either.

I sewed a couple of darts on the monkey costume head.


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