Girls' Night Out

Robert took Pulguito with him to Oakland last evening, so I had some time alone with Chunguita. It’s funny when I pick her up early. She doesn’t even look up because she’s not expecting to be picked up yet. When she sees me, she jumps up, but the first thing she asks is why am I there and where’s Daddy?

After we got that settled, I asked her where she wanted to go for dinner. The good news is that she didn’t say McDonald’s. The bad news is that she couldn’t remember the noodle shop where they have the fatty, salty, oh-so-yummy udon noodles. She finally decided she wanted pasta, nixed the noodle shop, and chose Coco’s over Bruno’s. It turns out that Tuesday is Kid’s Eat Free at Coco’s. Chunguita thoroughly enjoyed her spagetti; she didn’t notice that the noodles were macaroni. When she was finished, she declared this was the best pasta in the whole world.

We went to the park for a bit after dinner. Chunguita and I played on the climbing equipment at the sand park. I refused to go down the tall slide, but I went down the bumpy one with Chunguita. She rolled down the little hill that’s in the grassy area after we played in the sand area.

When we got home, Pulguito was eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets in the back of the pickup. He wanted to finish his dinner instead of getting down to nurse. After he finished we played for a while tossing the happy meal beanie baby back and forth. This went on until Robert came over with a fishing rod. Pulguito grabbed the rod and pulled it down. Everything was fine until Pulguito let go and the rod tip smacked him on the chin. The look he gave Robert was precious, a sorta “how could you” look. It took him a few minutes, but he started wailing. So we went in the house to nurse.

After that it was bath time. Bath was really tough last night. First, Chunguita screamed the whole time because her leg was itchy from rolling in the grass and she was sure the water would make it hurt more. Then after she got out, Pulguito had his bath and pooped in the tub. I got there seconds too late. He was so upset, but I don’t think he got upset because of my reaction. I always go unnaturally calm when there’s a kid emergency. He was inconsolable. Robert came and got him as soon as he got out of the shower, and I cleaned the bathtub.

At bedtime, I asked Pulguito if he wanted to go to bed, and he said yes. Then when I was dwadling, he grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom so we could go to bed. It was very cute.


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