Daily Morning Battle

What is it about getting dressed in the morning that always sparks a battle? Pulguito doesn’t want to change his diaper, doesn’t want to get dressed, and kicks, screams, and fights the whole way thru. I kinda expect it from him. He’s 20 months old, and this is typical of a toddler.

Chunguita, however, is not a toddler, and I’m not sure what’s going on with her, other than she’s just being a kid. By the time we get out the door, I’ve yelled at them at least once.

This morning, things were going fine until Chunguita wanted Pulguito to run and jump onto his bed. She showed him how, tried to get him to chase her, but when that didn’t work, she grabbed him and tried to force him to do it. He protested by screaming and crying. When I tell Chunguita to stop, she starts to cry. I finally get her calmed down. I finish getting dressed and hear them screaming again. They’ve climbed into Pulguito’s bed, and Pulguito is refusing to move over. Then he hits her (I’m assuming it was accidental, but who knows) with the corner of his hard cover book on the thigh. She starts to cry (again), and I’m sure it did hurt. Does she get up and move away from Pulguito? No. She decides she wants to get dressed in Pulguito’s room. This is where I made the big mistake. I got her dressed on Pulguito’s changing table. Pulguito was very upset about that (note: it hasn’t bothered him before). Then he was really mad at me for getting her dressed on his changing table and refused to put his shoes on.



This is the airport hotel we use in NH. The kids loved the buggy they have out front.


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