Bits and Beach

IMG_1225_editedChunguita is running aroung the house with only a t-shirt on. “Go get dressed”, I tell her. She goes back to her room, and Pulguito follows. She comes running back, crying, “I need privacy to get dressed!” Oh, the logic of 4 year olds.

Pulguito’s new word is “moon”. His favorite books continue to be “Good Night Moon”, “It’s the Bear”, and “The Little Engine That Could”. So, as you can see, moon is a pretty important word.

We went to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve on Sunday. Chunguita’s best friend, Alyson, called us a week ago Saturday to see if Chunguita could play, and we didn’t pick up the message until Tuesday. So I turned back on the annoying beep on the answering machine, and we decided to call Alyson to see if she wanted to go to Half Moon Bay with us for the next weekend. It turns out that they were already planning on going, so we met them there.

High tide was at 1 pm, so we weren’t able to look at the tide pools. But that didn’t dampen the fun, and neither did the copious fog. Pulguito was in a tizzy from the time he realized we were getting ready for a big adventure. He knows when the big duffle bag come out to pack extra clothes that a fun time is ahead. He was wild with excitement by the time we got to the beach. He spent the first 30 minutes running up and down the beach. It’s amazing to see kids discover something for the first time. He had no idea that the waves were wet, cold water. The first time a wave came up to him, I was there to grab him and run away from the waves. Of course, he thought that was hilarious, but he still didn’t know why we were doing that. He had a good time running away from the waves.
Alyson arrived, and she and Chunguita ran non-stop, with Pulguito trying to keep up, for the next 2 hours. They took a short break to eat lunch, Alyson took a quick nap, and then they were back at it. By this time, Pulguito was tired and needed constant attention. I took him, and we played tag with the waves. Since he couldn’t run fast enough, I’d pick him up, and we’d run together. After stubbing my toe on rocks one too many times, I decided to just lift him out of the water and let it wash over my feet and ankles. It was COLD. Pulguito loved it, tho. He laughed and laughed. DH and I took turns playing with him until we were both worn out. Then it was time to go.

On the way home, we stopped at a pumpkin patch. I had the best time with Chunguita. Pulguito as asleep, so DH stayed with him and the van. They had the best variety of pumpkins for pretty good prices. They even put some pumpkins out in a field with the squash vines, so it felt like we were picking the pumpkins off the vine. We got a bright red orange pumpkin, a green and orange striped pumpkin, and a pale green, almost white, pumpkin. Chunguita also picked out a double pumpkin. It was very fun.


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