Girl's Night Out

IMG_1203_editedChunguita requested a Girl’s Night Out, so Robert went off with Pulguito, and Chunguita and I spent the evening together. Chunguita picked IHOP for our dinner, and she had chicken strips and french fries with ketchup. IHOP is featuring pumpkin pancakes, so I had those. Chunguita ate one of my sausages. She ate very well.

Then it was off to the pet store. She’s funny; she always want to go there, but they have a big tank with sharks in it that she’s afraid of. And last night, there was an obedience class for 2 dogs. One of the dogs was a fat labrador. He was so sweet. He kissed my fingers as I walked by. I couldn’t convince Chunguita to say hi to him tho. She’s afraid of dogs, ever since the unfortunate Bo-bo incident.

After that we went to the library. The library is Chunguita’s favorite place in the whole world.

What gets me is that she was a perfect angel the whole time we were out, but as soon as we get home, she’s picking a fight with Pulguito. It seemed like it was one time-out after another. She hits, he bites, she kicks, he hits, and so on and so on and so on.


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