Amber Alert

I’ve decided to post this when I don’t have anything to write about sewing or anything to rant about.


Measles and Swimming

Pulguito is all better now (we hope), but we think he had slap face measles/fifth disease. The thing with this measles is that he’s contagious before the cheeks turn red, so you don’t know that you are infecting people. Once the cheeks turn red, you’re not contagious any more. Hopefully, this is what was keeping him up at night.

So he didn’t get to go to swmming lessons last night. Instead, Robert took him out for a drive while I got Chunguita ready to go swimming. She’s doing really well. They have her “swimming” with a kickboard all the way across the pool. She’s having problems turning her head which is ascerbated by her hair getting in her eyes and nose and mouth. I forgot to put her hair up.

Increased the Medication

I upped my dosage of the Zoloft to 100mg. I was lightheaded a bit on Friday, and I’ve been sleepy again. This time, I’ve got lots of gas, too. But things seem better, like my relationship with Robert. It just doesn’t seem as strained. And this weekend was tough because of the Thanksgiving holiday and his boat roof breaking.

He’s managing the boat hysteria better. He had mentionned that we should take a trip to southern California so he could get the roof replaced costing about $3000.00, but he’s taking the boat into Oakland today to see if a local shop can fix the broken weld. That should cost a lot less.

I haven’t been doing so well with the food, but no binges.


The weekend was very busy, so I didn’t have any computer time. Thanksgiving was a lot of work. Between cooking and watching the kids, Robert and I were exhausted. Mom is doing much better. She is walking around just fine, altho she didn’t think she had enough energy to go to the park with Dad, Robert, and the kids. She did fine the entire day, and I wouldn’t have known she had been sick except that she decided to sit while I cleaned up. Usually, she will stand with me in the kitchen. Dad seems much improved, too. I think he was really scared that he was going to lose her.

Robert took Chunguita to see the SpongeBob movie, and she made it all the way thru. It was her first movie. She’s going to see the Incredibles on Saturday for a birthday party. We’ll see how she does.

Altering Patterns

Instead of working on the various projects that I have cut out and ready to go, I decided to alter patterns. The jean jacket was a learning experience. The front of the jacket has a yoke above the breasts and 3 panels running vertically from the yoke to the waist. I think the middle panel should be centered over the apex of the breast, so that defined my alteration, but I couldn’t figure this out without first pinning the pieces together and doing a regular full bust alteration (FBA) on the 4 pieces pinned together. So instead of princess seams, I attacked the alteration like it was for a top with 2 vertical waist darts. I pinned the pieces together and traced them (again!) as one big pattern piece. I worked thru the alteration without giving it any thought, just like always. 🙂 When I pinned it back on Buttina, the center panel was indeed centered on the apex, and I was able to see that what I needed was a princess seam side adjustment that could be done entirely in the side-front piece. It wasn’t like it was obvious at that point. I had to study FFRP several times before I had it figured out. When I pinned the final version onto Buttina, it looked pretty good. We shall see.

I also worked on Neue Mode 23135 and Neue Mode 23061. Both were a very simple affair after the jean jacket.

I won’t be able to work on them for a while. I participate in a gift exchange every year on my moms’ e-mail list, and I signed up to make a bag for one of the moms.