Gosh, I’ve been busy. I usually can post every other day or so, and it’s been a whole week!

We’ve got presents ready for Christmas. I put a few under the tree last Friday, and it took Chunguita a day to find them. One was immediately ripped, which she reported as soon as it happened. When I took the present to fix it, I asked her if we needed to “hide” the presents. She said, no. Before I was done fixing the ripped paper, she came back to me and told me we needed to hide the presents. So she and Pulguito helped me clear off a shelf in my closet and carry the presents out of the living room to stow in the closet.

On Saturday, we had accumlated a large pile of wrapped presents in the garage, far too many to fit on the closet shelf. DH and I talked to Chunguita about where we could put the presents and have them safe. She didn’t think they should be in her reach. We decided to put them on top of the cabinets that separate the dining room from the kitchen.

That afternoon, we celebrated my birthday with a fruit tart, and I got to open my presents. Pulguito was very excited and helped me open them. Then he climbed up the back of his chair to get the xmas presents down to be opened. Very cute.

Yesterday, we went into Oakland to have an early dinner with David, Mom, and Dad. Everything was going well, when Chunguita threw up all over Robert. He was able to get cleaned up and finish his meal, but we decided to go home early. Oh, well. That’s why I became a parent.

The other side of the purse

Were you wondering if I was going to share the other side of the purse? I’ve been so busy. Chunguita has been sick with a tummy bug. We celebrated my birthday this weekend. I’m 40, today. Anyway, I celebrated on Saturday with DH, Chunguita, and Pulguito. They gave me an espresso machine which I LOVELOVELOVE. On Sunday, we got all dressed up and drove into Oakland to meet my family at Kincaid’s. Kincaid’s used to be my favotire restaurant, and this time it was okay, but not great, kinda salty. The last time, it was just awful, but I had totally forgotten that. Right when the soup and salad arrived, Chunguita threw up on DH. He had managed to get her away from the table, so she threw up on the floor and on him. So we ended up leaving early. I remind myself that it was to experience things like this that I had children. I didn’t get any sewing done this weekend.

I started this side of the bag with the same burnout panne as on the other side. On this side, in addition to the unstable stretchy panne problems, I had problems with a polyester silky fabric. I didn’t have trouble with it on the other side. I think the difference is that on the other side, it was an interior fabric; that is, it was sewn down on all 4 sides. On this side, it was at the edge. I had terrible problems with it bagging. I don’t know if I stretched it or what. Note to self: interface this sort of fabric before using for crazy patch.

I used decorative stitches on the seams. On one seam, I sewed down a wide velvet ribbon. It looks like another bit of the patchwork. On top of everything I couched yarns and threads. I used to really like this look, but I think I’m ready to move on to something new.

Gift Bag

Things are so busy that I haven’t touched my sewing. My cutting table is covered with boxes that came in the mail for xmas gifts. I had a few seconds before the kids came home, so I snapped a couple of pix of the bag for you-all.

The recipient of this bag suggested green, navy, and black as her preferred colors. She’s the second person to request green, and I’m starting to run out of green scraps (time to shop!). So I used blues beyond navy. The center patch is a polyester stretch burnout panne from Joann’s last year (see t-shirt to the left). I don’t usually use knit fabrics for crazy patch. They are too unstable to support the embellishment process even when backed with muslin. If I could remember things for more than 2 seconds, I would have interfaced this fabric before using it. Alas, I did not. On this side, it didn’t matter so much because there isn’t much embellishment on the panne.

I really like the way the tulle appliques came out. I used a decorative stitch along one side the attach them. If I do this again, I must remember to embellish the seams BEFORE doing the applique. You can hardly tell, even in person and upon close examination, but the seam embellishments go over the appliques.


Just as Catty as the Next Person

In the style class that I’m taking from My Sewing Classes*, Heather Claus asked us to

“Pick one to three women or men whose style (or lack) really stand out to you. Examine what they look like, and determine what their looks communicate to you.”

And there is one woman that stands out in my memory from this weekend. I didn’t read my e-mail over the weekend, so I will have to rely on my memory. Anyway, we went to a party, and there was a woman there that I’ve only seen dressed in her professional attire. Well, she was dressed very differently that night. And I’m ashamed to say that the first thought that popped into my head was “Well, you certainly are a floozy, aren’t you?” I suppose the difference between me and women who get off on dissing about how others are dressed is that I’m ashamed of my reaction and I absolutely hate that I thought that. She should be able to dress how ever she wants with no one judging her for it. She should be able to express her sexuality in whatever manner she wants, and she should be able to be a blatent about it (or not) as she chooses.

People were dressed in a wide variety of fomalities for this party. Some of the little girls were wearing “black tie” formals, and some of the adults were dressed very casually. I’m in favor of allowing people to dress as casually or as formally as they desire. I think that people’s style should dictate how they dress, not the function. I know I’m out of step with others on this, but I really do think if a person is a casual person, they should dress that way. Or if someone is formal, they should be able to wear heels and hose to a little league game.

*This class is still a BIG disappointment. I haven’t learned anything. Maybe I wasn’t as clueless about my own style and how to dress as others who signed up for this class.