We had a good weekend. I even helped Robert with the damn boat.

On Saturday, we hung out around the house. I took the kids with me to the grocery store, and they were very well behaved which was nice because the last time we went they were little hellions. Robert took them off for the afternoon, and I worked on a gift for a friend. We went to a latke party that night. Pulguito kept close to us, but for the very first time, Chunguita went off with her friends without one of us going with her! She played with them by herself all evening.

Sunday was full of activities. Chunguita had a birthday party at a gymnastics place. Robert said she really enjoyed it and tried all the apparatice. Maybe gymnastics is in her future.

I went to lunch with Mom & Dad & Pulguito while they were at the party. Mom & Dad wanted to talk about me being the backup for a trust for Debbie. Jim is going to be the executor of the trust. I said sure. Robeert is still terrified that we are going to end up taking care of Debbie after Mom & Dad are gone. Mom & Dad stayed, and we all went to a Victorian Christmas at Ravenswood. I wanted to go so that Chunguita could ride in the pony carriage again. She absolutely loved it 2 years ago. Chunguita refused to go see Santa, but Pulguito went up to him, and I got to take a picture. They both enjoyed the carriage ride. Pulguito was funny. Robert gave them their tickets to hold, and Pulguito put his in his pocket. When Robert saw that Pulguito had “lost” his, he panicked a little, but Pulguito pulled it out of his pocket when asked for it. On the carriage, Pulguito didn’t want to give up his ticket.

No Sewing

We finally finished decorating the tree. My kids love to move the ornaments around. I have this one that is a xmas troll with a hook in his head. Chunguita just loves it. Maybe she’ll get one in her stocking.

Does anyone else have a love-hate relationship with Martha? My feelings are a mix of: Martha is the anti-christ, and I want to be Martha. Or maybe I want to be the anti-christ of domesticity? Anyway …

I read in some home decorating magazine, probably not by Martha, that “designers” get that opulent look on xmas trees by wrapping the lights around the individual branches instead of in big loops around the tree. This is the second year that I’ve done that, and I really like the result. It takes a lot more lights, and it’s a lot more work. And it’s easier to do on an artificial tree that is built up layer by layer from the bottom. You wrap each layer before adding the next. The first time I did it, I assembled the tree first. I was 8 months pregnant, too, so that may be why I remember it being so much harder.

Climbing Stairs

I climbed stairs at work today. We have 3 floors and a basement, so that’s 3 very tall flights of stairs. I worked for 20 minutes, and I counted the walk over (3 min) as warm up, and the walk back (4 min) as cool down. It was a pretty tough workout. The first climb was easy, but the last bit of the 2nd climb was REALLY HARD. After that I was able to pace myself better, and I got may “second wind”. I got pretty sweaty.

And So …

I was in a class on Monday and Tuesday, and for the first time in my memory, I was able to be fully present in the class for the entire time. I think it’s the medication. I forgot to take it last night, so I took it this morning, and I was whoozy for a while, but the clarity has returned. It’s hard to explain, but the shrink knew exactly what I was talking about. So this is a really big deal, and it’s wonderful.

The kids are doing pretty well. Chunguita is very excited about Christmas. DH and I love the season, and we’ve infected her with our enthusiasm. She really enjoys the decorating and going to see how other people have decorated their houses. Pulguito doesn’t have a clue, but he follows Chunguita’s lead in all things, so this is no exception.

Pulguito continues to have problems sleeping thru the night.

Gift Bag

zippersI started a gift bag for my mom’s list gift exchange. We do one every December and every May. I’m using the pattern from Cindy Taylor Oates’ Easy to Make Totes With Zippers, specifically the tote that is sitting on the chair in the picture to the left. I’m sure mine won’t look that much like the one on the cover because I’m crazy piecing and embellishing, but the structural design will be the same.

I decided to use larger pieces of fabric this year for two reasons: first off, it’s quicker, and secondly, it’s less busy looking. That second one may seem like a contradiction for a crazy patch design. I’m not going to do any machine embroidery, either. I am using the decorative stitches on my Bernina 180 to accent the seam lines, but I’m using a the same color thread on all the seams. One one side, I further embellished the pattern with navy tulle that had silver stars printed on it. I cut the tulle into sicle moon shapes and cascaded them down one side. The inspiration for this comes from Bonnie Lyn McCaffery’s Fantasy Fabric. I like the way it looks so much that I”m not going to further embellish this side.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do on the other side. I’m going to stick with the one color decorative stitch on the seams, and then what? I don’t want to do machine embroidery; no real reason, just don’t want to. I don’t want to bother with bobbin work. I do want to do couched threads, so that may be it.

Easy to Make Totes with Zippers

Coal for Naughty Children

You know, I promised myself I wasn’t going to do stuff like this, but I was weak. I was tired, Pulguito was crying, and Chunguita was putting her hands under my shirt to caress my back and stomach. I told her that Santa doesn’t bring toys for naughty children. She wanted to know how Santa knew if she was naughty.

Me: Oh, Santa is always watching. Santa is magical.
Chunguita: So what happens?
Me; Santa brings naughty children coal.
Chunguita: Coal? What’s coal?
Me: It’s a black rock.
Chunguita: Why would Santa bring naughty kids a black rock?
Me: That’s the way it works.

I should have told her that Santa brings pellets for the wood stove. Well, no, I shouldn’t have started this at all. I want her to think that Santa loves all children unconditionally, no matter what they do.

Pulguito misbehaved right after this, and she told him that he has to behave or Santa will bring him black rocks instead of toys. It didn’t make an impression on him. I wonder if she’s forgotten all about it by now?