BABES had another get-together. This time, we met at Verosew’s house. Attendees were moi, Lenore (not on PR yet … how can this be?), Georgene, Verosews, Jennifer in SF, and Irene.

Verosews has a very nice house. Her husband and children were just leaving as Lenore and I arrived. She has a beautiful family. As he was running out the door, her little boy stopped, turned around to hug Verosews, and said, in the sweetest little voice, “I love you, Mommy.” It was just precious.

We had a fun time, talking, sharing, eating chocolate, fruit, and brownies. The time went by too fast.

Sorry about the crummy pictures. I was too excited to take good ones.

Verosews’ Bar-b-que
I thought the bar-b-que was beautiful
and wanted to share it with my husband.



Every year, DH’s sisters send us some lobsters for our Christmas gift.

What’s in the box?

There’s something moving under the newspaper.


I’m sure you’ve noticed an absence of Chunguita in the pictures. She wouldn’t get near the lobsters. Pulguitowas brave enough to touch one when it was still in the box. DH took all the lobsters out and put them on the floor. Pulguito moved back, but Chunguita started screaming. A brave girl, she is not.


Chunguita received the pink hat for Christmas. She only got one big straw hat, so, of course, she and Pulguito were fighting over it. I got down one of Abuela’s old hats, and everyone was happy.

By the way, I made Pulguito’s jacket.

Pulguito's First Haircut

Although we were reluctant to do it, we decided that Pulguito’s hair was too unruly. I made an appointment for both kids to get their hair cut by my hairdresser on Christmas Eve. I had no idea how Pulguito would react, but Chunguita had a fit the last time we went. I almost couldn’t get her into the chair.

Pulguito was stoic.

Chunguita did fine. We were going to try to cut her hair without washing it, but she has so much that the hairdresser couldn’t control it. Chunguita was too little to reach the sink; she had to sit on 2 pillows.

Where did my baby go?