Long Time No Post

Christmas was good. We had piled the presents up on the counters between the dining room and kitchen, so on Christmas Eve just before bedtime, the kids moved them under the tree. After we moved all the presents, Pulguito came out asking for more to move. He went right to sleep after that. Chunguita and DH put put out cookies for Santa, then went to bed. Chunguita had a terrible time going to sleep and staying asleep. Pulguito slept poorly, too.

Pulguito got up around 6 am, and DH took him so I could get some more sleep. However, Santa brought Pulguito a singing & dancing Santa, so Pulguito was playing with that, and it’s quite loud. Chunguita came and got me, and we got up to open presents. I didn’t get to open any of my presents; Pulguito loves opening presents.

Debbie didn’t come over. Anthony’s mother signed up with a family to get presents donated (because she doesn’t have one … NOT!), and Anthony didn’t want to leave all those presents. Poor Debbie. She was crying when she called to say that she wasn’t going to make it. I called Mom & Dad after that and asked them to go see her. I would have, but it was impossible for me to leave Pulguito & Chunguita right then. I should have called Dave since he drives by her house on the way down. Ah, well, next time.

Dave and Esther arrived around 1, and so did Mom & Dad (after visiting Debbie). Mom had been concerned that they were going to be late arriving, but I was more concerned about Debbie. Mom brought a new egg casserole that was wonderful. We made pancakes, bread, and cranberry sauce. Pulguito danced in his chair all thru the meal.

On Sunday, DH took Pulguito up to Kaiser. He’d been feverish since Thursday evening, and he had a rash on his inner thighs. It was strange because it looked like a contact rash; it stopped at the diaper line. Kaiser isolates kids with fevers and rashes. DH had to take him in the back and use the back elevator. It turns out that he had Hand, Foot, and Mouth (coxsackie) Disease. He had a very bad case of it. His hands and feet were covered with little sores. He had it in his mouth so badly that it was outside his mouth. Poor little boy! No wonder he couldn’t sleep. There’s nothing you can do for it, except pain management. I think I got it, too. I had 2 little sores on my right hand; they hurt A LOT! I can’t imagine how much pain Pulguito must have been in. He’s all better now. DH and I were bummed that he couldn’t go to daycare between xmas and new year’s. We had big plans.

We celebrated Pulguito’s birthday on Saturday. We just had Mom & Dad over. Debbie and Anthony were invited, but I think Anthony was at his other grandmother’s house, so Debbie didn’t come. DH made a crab lasagna that was out of this world. It was so good.

I hope to get more pictures uploaded soon. And I hope you guys had a good holiday, too.

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