Denim Jacket & Stuff

I made the FBA too big and too low. I’m going to have to figure out what I am doing wrong. It might have to do with my being overly erect. When I fit the pattern, I pin the shoulder in place on Buttina and position the FBA from that. Then when I sew it up, the front is heavier than the back and pulls the shoulder seams forward? But then, wouldn’t the back-neck get hung up on my neck? You would think I would notice that. Of course, Buttina doesn’t really have a neck, so it would be hard to tell on her.

I rode my bike to work. It was hard.


So I’m happily sewing along, enjoying my time alone. I finish the jacket bodice. I did the collar earlier, while I was waiting for my buttons to arrive. I take the collar out and get ready to attach it to the bodice. Then I notice that I sewed the collar bottom shut, including topstitching, instead of the top! I don’t have any fabric left. I cut up the last of it for a pair of pants for Chunguita. I suppose I could use the pants, but the grainline would be crosswise. I’m going to see what that looks like. Denim has such a defined grainline. Altho, it is likely that the only people who would notice are other sewists, and maybe not even them.

When The Cat's Away …

Other than just about killing myself from the exertion, I had a very nice day and evening yesterday. I rode my bike to work, getting so hot and sweaty that my hair was dripping. Oh, well. Work was … well … work, unexciting, except for the extreme frustration when stupid microsoft excel wouldn’t do a workbook search. I still don’t know what’s wrong, but if I launch excel by clicking on the file, I can do the search.

I rode my bike home, collapsed in front of the TV, and sucked down a lot of water. I managed to stagger to the kitchen to get some dinner, spinach salad and crab lasagne (YUM!). I ate my dinner without being touched by little hands and was able to watch a TV show with no interruptions.

Sabrina came by to take me to OA, and we had a good meeting. A new person showed up. I’d really like to get more people interested in the meeting. We only have 3 core members, 2 semi-regulars, and 1 commited newcomer. If the new person is able to make the commitment, that would bring us up to 7. We haven’t had 7 members in a long, long time.

After the meeing, I watched another of those terribly violent crime dramas. I love Tivo. I took a bath without worrying that a small child might wake up and need me. And I sewed.

I decided to use the automatic buttonholes in the 180E. It’s so much easier, especially with the automatic buttonhole sizing program. And it has the pointy end buttonhole. The fronts are together. I still need to do some topstitching and the facing stuff, but it’s starting to look like a jacket. I’m still concerned that I did the FBA too big and too low.

Granny Visit

Since I’ve been complaining about having MIL visit for 2 weeks, I thought I’d show you what she looks like. She’s playing with Chunguita. They are pretending to make and eat soup made from Chunguita’s button collection.

This morning, at the last minute, DH told me that I didn’t have to go to Tahoe with them! I was stunned. Then I asked if he was sure. He said he would rather I spend the day with his family on Friday (I was going to work) than go to Tahoe and sit with the kids at the hotel while his family skied. So, of course, I said, “OK.” They left this morning and won’t be back until Thursday. Can you believe it? I haven’t been alone for this long in years.

So what’s new with the sewing stuff? Last night I used my 180E to do some test buttonholes instead of the trusty old 1001. The buttonholes from the 1001 aren’t very good because the satin stitching is too close together. I couldn’t cut the hole without cutting some of the stitching. I learned a 2 pass method where you stitch a buttonhole, cut it, and stitch it again. I really like the finish on the 2 pass buttonhole. The edges of the buttonhole are wrapped with thread. It’s a much cleaner finish than just cutting after a 2 pass buttonhole.

However, the 180E does several different buttonholes, and I thought the one with the pointy end might be more interesting than a regular buttonhole. The test buttonholes looked fine except that they have those little pokeys of thread from the cut fabric instead of a clean, thread wrapped edge. What to do, what to do?