Miracle Baby

Ana is the daughter of a friend of a friend. She was born at 27 weeks, and was doing quite well with a strong heart and lungs and no known brain damage, but now she got necrotizing enterocolitis. Basically, her immune and digestive systems were so weak that any and all bacteria in her food infected her intestines, and they turned gangrenous. She was in so much pain that if anyone touches her, she stops breathing, so all her parents could do was go in and look at her, talk to her, and get updates from the staff. The prospect was not good at all, with only a small chance of survival.

Two days after this diagnosis, they operated on her and removed 1/3 of each her large and small intestine. Then they waited two weeks for the inflammation to go away and to make sure her stomas were draining. For those of you who don’t know what a stoma is, it’s an opening of the intestine that drains outside the body into a bag as an alternative to pooping. It extends from the tummy. After two weeks, Ana’s stoma stopped draining poop, so they operated again and removed some more of her small intestine. She still couldn’t tolerate feeding. She is
was 3lbs 3 ozs., at this point, and breathing well on a nasal canula, and starting to become alert. She cries and opens her eyes when spoken to. Also the suck reflex started (it normally starts between 33 and 34 weeks gestation), so she was able to enjoy her pacifier.

Now, almost 2 months later, she is at home with her parents. I’ve always felt blessed whenever I think of Chunguita and Pulguito, but after seeing those pictures of Ana, I feel doubly blessed that I was able to carry Chunguita to term (after serious pre-term labor), and that although Pulguito was preterm, he was a big, healthy, almost fully developed 8 pound baby.


Swim, swim, swim

I can’t remember the name of this rose.

I swam for 27 minutes this morning. It would have been longer, but Pulguito woke up before I left, so I spent about 10 minutes nursing him.

Good OA Meeting

Angel Face is a lovely rose. It does very well in Sunset zone 14. Quite a few of my roses suffer from the dessicating furnace blast that we call sunshine. They wilt, they get sun burn, or they look tired, but not Angel Face. Angel Face has no problems with pests or disease.

We had a new member show up at OA last night. It was a good meeting, 6 people, which is really nice. The past year has been hard for this meeting. We’ve limped along with 3 core members who won’t give up on the meeting. We read a passage from Abstinance, an OA book. It reminded me that I really need to keep in touch with my higher power. If I had done a higher power check-in before watching NUMB3RS and binging, I probably would have given myself permission to watch TV and do nothing else. (SHUT UP, MOM!)

Check out this life size lego sculpture of Han Solo frozen in carbonite from Make.

Tuesday is ED Day

This is Abraham Darby, an English rose by David Austin. It’s my favorite rose. It blooms prolifically almost all year round (zone Sunset 14), the flowers are beautiful, and the scent is luscious. It’s habit isn’t great, being rather gangly or brambly.

I went to group. I had a binge last night, and I got up this morning to exercise (purge?). I wanted to watch the end of NUMB3RS at a time when I should be doing something productive. I could hear my mother saying that TV is such a waste of time. So I ate an apple. The show was still on. I ate another apple. The show was still on, so I picked up a bag of cheese crackers that one of the kids had left on the counter and ate that. BINGE! The stupid thing is that I know it’s okay to watch TV (SHUT UP, MOM!) and just sit for 20 minutes if I want. It’s not like I was late to anything or had anything pressing to do. Group gave me permission to watch TV. I like group. We found out today that group goes on forever, the rest of lives if we need it. There is no limit.

Flowers & Stuff

These tulips are from about 2 weeks ago, another picture that I forgot about in my broken camera. The Canon really does take better pictures than DH’s loner. If I remember, I’ll post the brand, but I don’t remember. Am I funny or what? Yeah, that or what, right?

I actually got my tired ass out of bed this morning and went swimming before work. Hey, and I swam yesterday. If my arms don’t fall off, I’ll swim tomorrow, too.