Tuesday is ED day.

This is Sonia (with one bloom from Judy Garland). This rose was a gift from our real estate agent. When I researched Sonia, I was dismayed to learn that she is a hot house rose. I planted her in the backyard anyway. It turns out that Livermore is the perfect environment for a hot house rose. Sonia does very well.

This is New Year. NY is a grandiflora, with great disease resistance, and it isn’t bothered by the hot sun.

DH is in Ohio, so I’m a single parent. So no swimming today. I swam yesterday, 2000 m in about 55 minutes. I did a couple of 50 m sprints at about 55 seconds. That’s definite progress. I think I’ve shaved 5 seconds off. My parents are coming over for dinner tonight, so Chunguita will get to go to swim class. I think we’ll go to Applebees afterwards.

Hey, it’s not a rose!

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