Birth of a Blog


This is Judy Garland. The roses are beautiful, but this isn’t a good rose for a hot climate. She does great in the spring, but she’s a sad looking bush in the summer and fall.

So what do you think of my new blog? I haven’t decided on the “theme” or blogskin for it. This one is cute, but there are others that I like, too. And I could try to recreate the blogskin from blogger. Or I suppose I could mix and match to get one that reflects me. I’m not sure if I’m going to move my old archives or not.

Jalie 971

On the sewing front, I haven’t done much. I made a couple of t-shirts in May, and I have images to post of those. I’m working on Jalie 971. I’m using “dance” fabric for the toile. It might be the first toile. I made my
Kwik Sew tank suit from the same fabric; it held up fine to the chlorine. This time, I ran out of the first color, a dark turquoise, and had to use lime green for the lining. It’s an interesting combination. I lined the whole thing, and I still need to sew the shoulders and sides and put in the elastic. Oh, I made size BB right out of the package, no alterations. This suit has a Y back, so I’m not concerned about it falling off my shoulders. I think it’s going to be too high cut for me in the legs, but we shall see.

I wore Kwik Sew 2529 chafe guard. It’s out of silkweight powerdry. It’s too big, well not too big, but it’s not as snug as I’d like it. I think I will lengthen the legs a tad more if I make it again. And I probably won’t make it out of powerdry. It wasn’t more comfortable than the RTW version that I have out of nylon/spandex. I think I would rather have the tighter (hold it in) fit in a spandex fabric or a cotton knit with or without spandex. I posted a review at pattern review.

On the gardening front, I’m clearing out a few years of overgrowth in the backyard. It’s interesting to me to note the difference in not only what I have energy to do, but what I want to do, now that I’m on 200 mg/day of Zoloft. I haven’t been sewing or sitting at the computer as much; I’ve cooked and gardened. So I’m more peppy, and my interested have changed.

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