Never enough monkey bars..

Eating Disorder

Hm. I should have a category for everything. I go back and forth about putting different content in different posts. For example, since I’m blathering on here, this post would go under general because there really is no content. But I don’t have a picture for my blather, so instead I post a picture of my athletic darling, Chunguita. That means the post must go under Family Stuff. I used to have a rule that if it was a “Family Stuff” post, then it couldn’t have any other content, especially not any discussion of the “Eating Disorder”because I sent those links to my mother. I know complete honesty about the eating disorder would be upsetting. But then I decided that she’s a big girl, after all she’s … um … 78 and that I hurt myself when I protect her like this. I desparately need this forum to expunge the shame of the eating disorder. After all, if I tell you/the world my dirty, little secrets, they aren’t secret any more. That goes a long way towards destroying the shame. The fact of the matter is that I’m just not with-it enough to manage several different posts on different topics in the same day.

Did I mention that she likes monkey bars?

So I just went swimming with Yuki. She actually got out of the pool before I did, and I only lasted 30 minutes.

I remembered to weigh myself this morning. The fact that I forget is a sign of progress in getting better. I used to get all hyper and think I’d gainned at least 10 pounds per week if I didn’t weigh myself. You would think that thoughts that are that distorted would be obvious to the person, but they aren’t.


So why is the post titled obsessed? I bought some hanks of yarn at Chainlink and managed to get them all tangled up. I haven’t been able to work on anything else. I can’t even walk by them without trying to untangle them. I am making progress. The big messy wad of tangles is getting smaller.


The bad part of the obsession is that I haven’t finished my new swimsuit, and I need it for the trip to New Hampshire. We leave Friday. I’m taking tomorrow off work to pack and finish that swimsuit … and untangle the yarn.


The cutest cat pictures in the world by Anders Viklund I love all things cute (not to be confused with things that are sickeningly sweet).

Tuesday is Eating Disorder Day

Kids being cute.

Let’s see. I swam this morning for the first time in twelve days. The last time was Thursday, July 14th. I had to travel for business, last week, I was sick over the weekend, and I was still sick on Monday. I’m sure I have an excuse for the preceding weekend, just give me a few minutes to come up with it.

Group was good. We’ve been doing an exercise from Overcoming Bulimia: Your Comprehensive, Step-By-Step Guide to Recovery on shifting eating disordered thoughts. (I think; I don’t have the book in front of me.) 2 people did their thought processes, and I hope it helped them. It was really powerful for me. I was going to talk about them, but I decided it wasn’t appropriate.

We decided to add this book as a tool for each member of the group. When I say we, I mean we. It was a joint discussion and agreement on the part of the group and the therapists. We decided to add this book because it focuses on the thoughts and emotions behind the eating disorder. The other book we use focuses more on breaking the behavior.

I love the Manolo.

My life is complete. I can die happy, now. I sent the Manolo a link to an image of fashion police that I thought was … well … ironic. The Manolo wrote back! Here’s what he said:

Hello to the Jennifer!

Many thanks for the most amusing link. It has indeed made the day of
the Manolo.

Muchos Besos!


P.S. You are indeed super fantastic!

I’m super fantasatic!

Now,let’s see if the Manolo puts the link in his blog.

An Apology

I just read my post from a year ago, and I was not very charitable towards the employees of Los Alamos National Laboratory. I don’t know that any of them read my blog, but I wish to apologize. I now believe that it was due to grossly bad management at LANL that the entire complex was shut down, and the employees have been abused by said management. It’s really a terrible situation that they are in right now. Hopefully, things will improve.

I don't understand.

If the military is having such a terrible time recruiting, why don’t they raise the pay? That’s what they do everywhere else.

Unrelated Photo of Chunguita

I’m sick. I picked up a stomach bug this weekend. Fortunately, no one else is sick. It’s a terrible time to be sick. We’re going to DH’s ancenstral summer homeland for a week on Friday, and I’m barfing my brains out, not able to do anything to get ready. Plus, at work a call for reports came out, but I was not notified. Management assumed that someone specifc else was going to do them, but he didn’t. So here I am, light-headed, uncomfortable but no long barfing, trying to decide if I should go into work or not.

On the crochet front, I went to the Chainlink FiberArts Market on Friday and spent way to much money. I bought a drop spindle (like I need a new hobby), some yarn and funky fibers, and Prudence Mapstone’s books.

Potty Training

The first wearing of the underwear

At first he was very, very excited. He especially liked the Wiggles underwear. Unfortunately, he is not anywhere near being ready to potty train. He wet himself without warning (to himself), and after that, he was very upset. He now refuses to wear underwear.



It was 104F/40C on Friday & Saturday. A big branch fell off the neighbor’s Asian elms. That was really scary. What if the kids had been out there? The arborist came and took away the branch and trimmed the trees back. He said that when it’s really hot, the trees suck up a lot of water making the branches very heavy, so he cut off all the ones that were bending over from the weight. We escaped to Año Nuevo SR to see the elephant seals on Saturday. It was 65F/19C, lovely.


It cooled off yesterday to 102F/39C. Chunguita and I went to the flea market at the Coliseum Drive-In. It was much cooler there, like 80F/27C. Everything is relative.

I’m off on business travel. It’s only in the upper 90s F there. On the way, I have to stop in Phoenix (note to self: make travel plans earlier to get nonstop flight) where it is supposed to be 113F/45C. I expect to have the moisture sucked out of my skin as I walk up the gangway. I hate the heat.