It was 104F/40C on Friday & Saturday. A big branch fell off the neighbor’s Asian elms. That was really scary. What if the kids had been out there? The arborist came and took away the branch and trimmed the trees back. He said that when it’s really hot, the trees suck up a lot of water making the branches very heavy, so he cut off all the ones that were bending over from the weight. We escaped to Año Nuevo SR to see the elephant seals on Saturday. It was 65F/19C, lovely.


It cooled off yesterday to 102F/39C. Chunguita and I went to the flea market at the Coliseum Drive-In. It was much cooler there, like 80F/27C. Everything is relative.

I’m off on business travel. It’s only in the upper 90s F there. On the way, I have to stop in Phoenix (note to self: make travel plans earlier to get nonstop flight) where it is supposed to be 113F/45C. I expect to have the moisture sucked out of my skin as I walk up the gangway. I hate the heat.

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