I don't understand.

If the military is having such a terrible time recruiting, why don’t they raise the pay? That’s what they do everywhere else.

Unrelated Photo of Chunguita

I’m sick. I picked up a stomach bug this weekend. Fortunately, no one else is sick. It’s a terrible time to be sick. We’re going to DH’s ancenstral summer homeland for a week on Friday, and I’m barfing my brains out, not able to do anything to get ready. Plus, at work a call for reports came out, but I was not notified. Management assumed that someone specifc else was going to do them, but he didn’t. So here I am, light-headed, uncomfortable but no long barfing, trying to decide if I should go into work or not.

On the crochet front, I went to the Chainlink FiberArts Market on Friday and spent way to much money. I bought a drop spindle (like I need a new hobby), some yarn and funky fibers, and Prudence Mapstone’s books.

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  1. Sorry you’re sick. Just think of those 75-80 degree days we’re having now in NH, and know you’ll be here soon! I’m following your group notes closely, a lot of info there, thanks for sharing it.

    Your kids are so cute!

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