I love the Manolo.

My life is complete. I can die happy, now. I sent the Manolo a link to an image of fashion police that I thought was … well … ironic. The Manolo wrote back! Here’s what he said:

Hello to the Jennifer!

Many thanks for the most amusing link. It has indeed made the day of
the Manolo.

Muchos Besos!


P.S. You are indeed super fantastic!

I’m super fantasatic!

Now,let’s see if the Manolo puts the link in his blog.

0 thoughts on “I love the Manolo.

  1. Yes, you ARE indeed super fantastic! I’m watching for that link on Manolo’s blog, but would you mind sending it to me in the meantime?–I’m curious! See you on the 21st at BABES. tt

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